Is your dad or husband one of those “fix it” guys that always wants to improve things in the home by mending them? Maybe it’s a big project like roof repair, window replacement or adding vinyl siding like we specialize in here at Apex Exteriors, or perhaps there are projects like mending a piece of furniture, fixing a plumbing issue, or building a play structure in the back yard that your special man loves to do, or wants to love to do!

We’ve found these 10 great ways to honor your fix it man (or wanna-be fix it man) this Father’s Day.

1. Get Involved or offer to help with his project. Show interest, ask questions and spend time with him as he works on a project he loves, especially on his special day.

2. Take pictures or even video tape him with his project, or ones he has completed. Make a big deal of what he has accomplished.

3. Give him a manly gift. Here are some gift ideas for your home improvement Pop could be:

* New Chest set of Tools or a new tool box.

* Tape Measure with LED light and voice recording.

* Tough Ultraflex Gel Kneepads – If your guy works a lot on his knees, he’ll love these.

* Flexible Duty Drop Light with long cord – so convenient to have around the work shop.

* MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband – great to keep track of those lose tiny screws and nails.

* Vampliers – Rusty and stripped screws are no match for this

* Dremel 4000 – Every man needs a good performance rotary tool kit.

* Duct tape wallet. It’s unique, won’t peel and who doesn’t love duct tape.

* Gift Card to a home improvement store

4. Give him a massage! After all that work and handy-man chores, who wouldn’t love a good back rub?

5. Present him a BBQ personalized hand print apron from the family.


6. Make his favorite meal. Or better yet, make it a picnic and go on his favorite hike or place in the woods. It could even be a “secret” picnic and the family can “hijack” him and send them off with a map to the surprise destination.

7. Record your favorite memories of your dad and how much he means to you. If you can, burn it on a CD and let him listen to it on Father’s Day.

8. Re-purpose something your dad built or made. If it’s no longer useable, find a way to honor what he made by making it into something usable or displayable. Show him how much his work means to you.

9. Give him an outing with what he loves. Here are some ideas:

* Loves humor – Tickets to comedian or improv show

* Loves music – Take him to a favorite concert or performance

* Love beer or wine – Go to a wine tasting or brewery tour

* Loves Gardens – Visit any local public gardens

* Loves the Outdoors – Guided kayaking, river rafting tour, zip line tour, or other outside adventures

* Loves cars or racing – Tickets to a small or major car races, got to an auto show

* Loves Sports – Get tickets to his favorite team and go with him

10. Spend Time as a family: Hang out around the house, go on a family bike ride or drive or watch his favorite movie. Just take the time to be with him.

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