If you are cautious about saving money and keeping things good for our environment, then you may want to consider having a rain barrel for water consumption. A rain barrel is a container specifically designed to harvest and store rainwater that drains from your roof. These barrels typically range from 50 to 80 gallons and come with a spigot for easy filling of water cans and a connection for a hose. When you combine using rain barrels with the appropriate plant selections and mulching, you can “go green” by promoting water conservation. Having rain barrels at home benefits your family, garden and community. Here are three of the biggest reasons to choose having a rain barrel.

1. Save Money

A rain barrel can save money for homeowners through their water bills. According to the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), lawn and garden irrigation consumes about 40{4c8fd0987a672ac4f7f6915f4c64b1fcd7534767d6f45f4e3d72857a7b8808b2} of the residential water use during the summer months. Rain barrel use can save homeowners 1300 gallons of water during the garden and lawn growing months. If multiple barrels are connected, it can maximize rain harvested. It’s a great way to get free water and become less reliant on your city’s water supply.

2. Better Health For Soil and Plants

Water from the tap has fluoride alloys and inorganic ions in it that build up in the ground over the years and can eventually be harmful to microorganisms and plan roots in the soil. Rainwater does not have these same properties that are found in tap water. This rain water helps clean the soil from the buildup of salt which promotes an environment beneficial for root growth

3. Lessens The Amount of Runoff

When you have rain barrels set up at home, it helps reduce the amount of water flowing for storm runoff. When it rains, water from the rain picks up soil, oil, pesticides, fertilizer and other harmful substances from the landscaping and hard surfaces. This runoff is untreated and finds its way into streams, rivers, and lakes. The contaminants and fertilizers from this storm runoff increases algae growth in leaks, which can affect the habitat of the fish. This bacteria growth can go on to make ponds, lakes and oceans hazardous for recreation. A rain barrel will harvest water that might have otherwise carried some of these pollutants to the rivers and lakes.

Many people today are choosing options that are more earth friendly and saving money is a bonus. Apex Ext offers rain barrels to help our customers save money and save water. Our friendly expert staff can install a rain barrel system directly to your current gutter system. We have many design option to choose from as well. Give us a call today for a free estimate at 847-961-4601 and start saving money and the earth today.

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