If the insulation in your home is more than 10 years old, then it is likely no longer performing properly. Installing new insulation made from recycled materials is a great way to go green and save cash.

1. Improve Energy Efficiency: Heat rises naturally, making your attic the largest contributor to warmth loss. During the winter months, escaping heat incurs a big cost on your energy bill. Attic insulation is specifically designed to mitigate this heat loss and keep your home consistently warm. According to statistics, insulation offers homeowners up to 20% in savings on their utility bills.  Increasing insulation will also help your pipes, protecting against leakage and freezing.

Installing insulation isn’t just helpful for winter: Spring and summer showers bring moisture to your roof and insulation improves your home’s ability to keep your interior dry.  This is vital, as damp attics are prime invitations for toxic mold growth. Proper installation can keep your home comfortable, dry, and mold-free all year long.

2. Benefits of Going Green: With the federal government providing rebates for energy-efficient home improvements, now is the best time to install insulation. The United States Environmental Protection Agency offers a 10% tax credit (up to $500) for the purchase of batts, rolls, fibers, or spray insulation. The tax credit also extends to other important weather sealing products, like stripping, caulk, and house wrap.

3. Increase Home Value and Comfort: A government rebate and utility discount aren’t the only direct benefits of attic insulation. You’ll feel the difference, too. Adjustments to temperature are felt more quickly, making your home more comfortable all year long. A boost to energy efficiency may also help improve the total worth of your home.

The benefits of high-quality insulation are endless. Don’t let a preventable ice dam or heat loss place big costs on your household. Contact the exterior specialists at Apex Exteriors early and often keep your roof, siding, windows, and attic in top shape. Northbrook, Naperville, Middleton, and Glenview residents can call us at (847) 961-4601.

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