We all love to taking out our holiday home decorations when the autumn leaves begin to fall. October brings jack-o-lanterns, fake cobwebs, and ghosts as far as the eye can see. However, when darkness falls on the night of October 31st, an entirely new slew of ornaments threaten to ruin the exterior of your home. Egging and toilet papering were all fun and games when we were kids but the damage that they can do to your exterior paint, windows and landscaping will last far longer than just an evening of trickery. Reacting swiftly and efficiently is the best way to make sure you keep your home exterior free of unsightly stains and damage.

Here are three tips to keep your home prepared and protected in case Halloween pranksters set their marks on your home this year.

Egging on Paint

If the egg is still wet when you notice the stain on your wall, you will have a better chance of removing the substance. Initially wet the surface of the paint below the egg stain, so that the egg matter doesn’t stick to dry paint once you begin rinsing it down. Making sure that the water you use is cool (hot water could result in a scrambled egg situation), spray water above the stain to drip down towards the mark and limit further splatter. For wet egg stains, you may have more success simply with the use of water and a scrub brush.

If the egg has dried, this process will take a bit more attention. Wet the wall, as listed above, and apply a non-bleach detergent or stronger all-purpose home cleaner for protein and fat-rich substances. Leave the cleaning product on the egg for a while, as directed in the manufacturer’s notes, and use a soft-scrubbing brush to begin lifting protein-rich matter from the paint. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

If the stain is on brick, concrete, or roof shingles, the egg may not come out as easily with liquid detergents. Mix your non-bleach detergent with water and talc until the formula becomes a paste. Apply the tough spot with paste, cover with plastic wrap, and let sit for an hour. Rinse and scrub. Prolonged exposure to the detergent might increase your chances of removing the stain.

Silly String


Silly string may be a lot of harmless fun for kids, but it is no silly clean-up process. The most urgent factor in making sure this product doesn’t stain your home is: do not let it dry. Peel the wet silly string from the surface of your home and wash gently with a damp rag and dish soap. If the silly string has dried by the time you notice this tyrant, try a power washer or a high pressure hose nozzle to avoid using harsher solvents.

Unfortunately, the nature of silly string is that it quite often leaves immovable stains. If you haven’t gotten to the stain in time, you might need to repaint a patch.

 Toilet Paper in Trees
If your home is menaced by local teens armed with rolls of TP, the clean up is really a race against atmospheric moisture. At the risk of sounding like a broken record: the quicker you clean it up, the less damage it will do. Pulling on the strands of paper will just break them and leave shorter strands, higher up in the trees. Try using a rake or a leaf blower to lift the toilet paper from the trees and guide its way down. This should be done from the highest points of the tree, down to the lowest points. Immediately remove the mess from your lawn and throw the toilet paper away, to avoid clumping and smothering your lawn.
 If, unfortunately enough, the toilet paper is wet from rain or dew, then let the strands dry out in the sun and repeat the processes above.
When All Else Fails…

Pick up the phone and call Apex Exteriors, Inc. at 847-531-8960 to come to your home and consult the damage reparation. We are happy to fix any spooky mischief that may fall upon your home this October 31st.

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