It’s that time of year when the family reunions are planned and everyone is headed out for their summer trips. The annual road trip, boating excursions, and romantic cruises are all taking place. It’s also a time here in the Chicagoland area where thieves stake out homes to burglarize while folks are gone. More troublesome than a roof repair or window replacement, a home broken also affects the owners much more than just the physical damage and loss. Yet, you can protect your home, with or without a security system.

There are many ways you can give your home security a boost, and in turn, have more peace of mind while you enjoy your excursion.

1. Get a House-sitter. Even if you don’t have the means to hire a full time house-sitter, you can ask for the help of a trusted neighbor or friend. Have then drive by often and check on the condition of your home. Give them your contact information so they can get a hold of you if anything looks fishy.

2. Notify Neighborhood Watch. If you have a neighborhood watch association, let them know you will be gone so they can keep their eyes out for you as well.

3. Limit Social Media. It may not be the best idea to broadcast your trip on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels. Although Facebook does have privacy options to help you keep your posts more private, Twitter can easily be accessed online by anyone. Use discretion and practice caution when making any posts related to your trip.

4. Be Consistent. Be careful with changing a lot of your at home behaviors like leaving all your lights on or closing your blinds. Things that are unusual can actually tip someone off that you are not home. When blinds or curtains are closed, it can also make it harder for your trusted friend to detect if something is going on inside your home. Having a few lights that are on a timer is a good idea. Motion sensor lights for outside will go one if there is movement coming up to your home. This is a great deterrent. Try and leave your home looking like it does when you are home.

There are many trusted home security systems you can implement as well. These 4 tips can also be a great addition to that. Have a safe and enjoyable summer from Apex Exteriors.

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