The use of rainwater for everyday applications is an idea that can help the environment through water conservation and save you money on water bills. The government has imposed some restrictions on the use of rainwater in some places, but there are many situations in which the use of harvested water would work just fine. Here are a few ways in which you can put rainwater collected in barrels to good use:

1. Gardening

Irrigation for lawns and gardens can use vast quantities of water.  Oftentimes, however, the water used is pulled from the same source as our drinking water. Using collected rainwater by installing rain barrels to your gutter system can cut down on the use of drinking water. What better use is there for rainwater than giving life to your flowers and herbs?

2. Washing the Car

Almost all of the water used in washing cars drains right back into gutters or evaporates into the air. It only makes sense to use water that was headed for the ground anyway to wash your car.

3. Flushing the Toilet

This is more complicated than some other uses of rain barrel water, and is illegal in some cities and states, so check local laws first. If you can install a system that uses rain water for your toilet, then you can save a lot of water each year.

4. Household Cleaning

While rainwater may not always be clean enough to drink, it is certainly clean enough to use for many household chores. Clean rainwater can be used to mop floors, wash dishes, and launder clothes as effectively as clean drinking water.

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