Your yard is your space. It’s always nice to have a secluded feel when you want to enjoy your space without everyone else peering on. When your back yard overlooks your neighbor’s hot tub or when your outside gatherings are often interrupted with constant traffic noise, it may be time to find some strategies to create a more intimate space. Here are some ways that we came up with.

1. Install Lattice


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For a quick solution, try a lattice screen. They are pretty easy to install and quite versatile. You can use it as a back drop, semi-private wall for your patio, or underpinning for a deck. With so many weaves and patterns, lattice can look great with a variety exteriors like siding, brick or stone.

2. Plant Evergreen Hedges


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To help as a wind breaker and to screen out the noise and glare of traffic, try planting a living fence like dense evergreens. If you don’t want the upkeep of consistent clipping, try using closely-planted shrubs to create a screen for your lawn privacy.

3. Put up a Fence.


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There are many settings for privacy with fences. Board or solid tongue and groove fences offer the most privacy while spindle, picket or slat fencing give a semi-private feel. Be sure and consider what maintenance will be involved when your are choosing what kind of fencing you want. Vinyl, composite and powder-coated aluminum materials require less upkeep.

4. Plant Standing Bamboo


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For an effective and decorative screen, try a stand of bamboo. Some species of bamboo are aggressive spreaders so choose and plant cautiously. We suggest you stick with clumping and hardy bamboos which are “U” shaped rhizomes and not horizontal. To control the spread of bamboo you must prune the extending rhizomes regularly.

5. Build a Wall


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For a more secluded area, build a solid wall around your yard or courtyard. Attractive exterior walls can be made of cut stone, brick, concrete block, adobe or fieldstone. For an open breezy, ensure site lines through an arbor or gate that hooks to other areas. Plants that climb up a trellis or pour over the edges can help lighten your walls edges. For a contracting feature, put up a wooden pergola or gazebo which may warm up the space.

There you have 5 ways to give your outside space a more intimate feel. For any questions on this or for siding replacement or roof repair in Wheaton, Naperville or anywhere in the Chicagoland area, give Apex Exteriors a call. We’re happy to help.

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