They can either be our best friends or our worst enemies. Gutters are used primarily to catch any moisture from your roof and transport it to the ground safely without causing any damage to the exterior of your home. As weeks, months and years fly by, leaves and other debris find themselves trapped within our gutters and clog the way for rain to sail smoothly through to the ground. Thus, cleaning and repairing our gutters becomes a regular and necessary routine for us to perform. Here are 5 simple steps to help you correctly empty and restore your gutters on your own.

1. First things first, get a ladder and climb up to your roof and check out the damage. Begin pulling out leaves and scraping up the muck built up that is within your reach. If you have a lot of debris clogging up your gutters then avoid using water to rinse it out. The goopy blockage inside will just cling to the water and begin growing mildew.

2. Inspect every spike and make sure that they are securely fastened from the gutter to the fascia board and then to the rafter behind. If the gutter spikes are looking rusty or weak then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in new ones. You want to keep your gutters securely attached to your home at all times.

3. As part of your inspection be sure to check out any holes or cracks within the gutters that are causing leakage. To repair such damages, chisel out the old caulk lining and thoroughly dry out that particular area. Using a brand new bead silicon seal up the area once again. Making these small repairs helps to keep water from slipping behind the gutters and decomposing the boards of your home behind it.

4. Be on the lookout for loose or missing rivets in the downspout. Oftentimes, they will be rattled out of their place during a storm and will need to be riveted back into place or be completely replaced. Hardware stores are the best places to go to when looking for new rivets and a rivet gun.

5.Once you know for certain that your gutters are securely in place and you’ve done a general cleaning on the outside of them, you are ready to begin the deep cleaning. The most recommended way to thoroughly clean out your gutters is with a pressure washer. Most pressure washers can be rented for less than $100 or you can purchase your own. It is very important when using a pressure washer that you follow all of the instructions precisely. Not doing so could result in serious damage or injury.

Though we can fix nearly every malfunction of our home on our own, sometimes professional help is necessary to properly repair damage that has gone beyond our ability to restore. Your local roof repair company in Skokie and the Chicagoland area can help you with any questions you may have concerning your gutters. They can also provide you with helpful hints as you try to fix or replace them on your own. Once complete, enjoy your newly cleaned gutters. At least until the next time you get to clean them.

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