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Roof Check Up

How’s your roof? We know that’s not the most common way to greet a friend – but maybe it should be. A good roof protects not only your home, but also everything in it: your belongings, your pets, and your family. But short of water pouring through your roof, many people don’t know when their roof needs repair and that can mean costly repairs down the line. In order to spot necessary repairs in a timely fashion, you should do regularly roof checks. We advise you to do one about this time of year in the spring after the really harsh winter weather is over and then another in late September or early November so you can make necessary repairs before winter’s snow and ice sets in.

If you’re nervous about getting up on your roof and walking around, we don’t blame you. Falls off roofs account for a full third of all construction site fatalities – and those are the people that should be experts at walking on roofs. So instead of literally risking your neck my getting up on your roof, we’re here to tell you about a checks you can make from the safety of the ground or inside your attic. Here are 7 essential and safe roof inspections you should do twice a year:

  1. Note your roof’s age.

You don’t even have to go outside for this first one. If your roof is nearly the 25 year mark, it will probably be time to do some serious repairs, especially if you haven’t been good at keeping up with roof maintenance until now. The lifespan of roof depends on a lot of factors like material, workmanship, and climate so your roof could last longer. But start doing some serious investigation when your roof is approaching a quarter century.

Now, head into your attic. Remember to bring a flashlight!

  1. Look for interior signs of water damage and/or leakage.

Even if you’re not getting water pouring onto your dining room table, your roof may be leaking and little leaks can eventually build up into big problems, including rotten home infrastructure and mold growth. Check all areas of your attic for any signs of leaks – either old or new – including warped wood, mold or mildew, or anything you store in the attic that appears to have been wet at some point.

  1. Look for light.

Make sure you go into your attic on a bright sunny day. While you’re up there, hit the lights and give your eyes a second to adjust to the darkness. Now carefully scan the roof. Do you see any flecks of light peeping through from outside? If you do, you definitely need some roof repair. If light is getting through, so is water, even if you haven’t seen any signs of water inside your attic yet.

  1. Look for signs of sagging.

If any part of your roof appears to be sagging downward more than another, this is another sign that you need to call a roofing specialist right away. A sagging roof can be a sign of a few different problems, all of which need to be treated in order for your home to keep its structural integrity.

Attic inspection done! Head outside. If you have a pair of binoculars, they may come in handy so you can get a closer look without going up on the roof.

  1. Check the condition of your shingles.

Shingles should be flat, relatively straight, and evenly spaced. If you see shingles that have curling edges or that are buckled up in the center, these are areas where water can get in. Missing or cracked shingles are also a sign that you need repairs stat.

  1. Check the spots where chimneys, vents, and pipes come out of the roof.

Do you see any loose, crumbling, or missing material around these penetrations? This includes crumbling or missing bricks on the chimney. These are prime spots where water leaks can begin.

  1. Check your gutters and downspouts: are they secure?

To completely do this job, you would need to get up on the roof, but you can also do a perfunctory check from the ground by giving downspouts a little shake. If anything seems loose or rickety, get it fixed before a big storm overwhelms your system.

These are great first steps to inspect your roof but what if you see any signs of a problem? Right now, Apex Exteriors has a special treat for you: our Total Roof Makeover contest! There’s still a little over a month to enter so if you or someone you know is in need of a new roof, direct them to our Facebook page and check out the contest and who knows – you could be the winner!