There are many helpful fixes for your home that can save you money and increase your home’s value. At Apex Exteriors, we are here to help give expert guidance and service in areas like vinyl siding replacement, new quality window installations and professional roof repair in Dekalb, Mount Prospect and throughout the Northwest Chicago area.

Here are some simple DIY tricks to help around your home that we found useful.

1. Install tile underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks.

This makes for quick and simple clean up from water or spills, and protects your cabinet bottoms.

2. Finally get those glass siding door and window crevices clean.

Using a Q-tip, dip it in some white vinegar and wipe out the dirt and grime. With your vinegar soaked Q-tip, run along the complete inside of the track and follow up with a paper towel. You’ll be amazed at how much cleaner it will be.

3. Keep paint can rims free of dried sticky paint.

Using a hammer and 4d finish nail, punch some holes around the rim of your can to allow any paint to drain. Nice.

4. Keep heavy drawers sliding smoothly.

Cut strips from a clean empty plastic bottle measuring about 3/4 inch by 2 inches. Fold the plastic along its side after heating it up a bit and then mount them on the bottom corners of the frame of your drawer. Friction is reduced because your drawer will be sliding on those strips.

5. Use an old hose to organize those stray tools.

Use your garden hose scraps by cutting them into 6 inch strips keeping a small tab in the back to use for mounting. Then slip your screwdrivers and wrenches right in. You can also use old hoses on the chain part of a swing to protect kids’ hangs while swinging, or to wrap a star drill or chisel to create a grip that is shock absorbing.

6. See what side your gas tank is on.

Did you know this? Most newer cars will have an arrow on the dashboard fuel display that shows which side your gas tank is on for when you drive up to the gas station. Good to know!

7. Store your appliance and product manuals easily.

Grab a binder and some page protectors and put your product manuals in. Now, you will always know where to find them. Once a year go through it and toss the old manuals of items you no longer have.

8. Keep your room free from streaming light

This is ingenious, just slip a curtain ring to the back rod bracket to keep your curtain closed on the sides. This not only keeps light from coming through, it can also lessen drafts from your window.

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