Like natural stone siding, engineered stone panels protects a building’s exterior from harsh elements and looks great at the same time. But compared to natural stone, engineered stone veneer is a more cost-effective and affordable siding option. It costs less because it’s a mixture of sand or concrete and reinforcing additives crafted to resemble natural stone. Engineered stone veneer is also easier to transport and install than natural stone siding. This is another reason why homeowners get the look of natural stone siding at a much lower price with this siding material. If you’re interested in this practical and stylish siding option for your home, take a look at your design options below.

Tailored Stone

Tailored stone siding is a great option if you’re looking for a beautiful, organized, and timeless engineered stone panels. This siding features a classic brick pattern design with a slightly rugged rock face and is available in a variety shades and colors to resemble various types of stone.

Dress Field Stone

With rich textures and more random patterns, dress field stone offers a more rugged look and feel than tailored stone. Dress field resembles the kind of thick square, almost slate-like rocks you’d find resting in the shallows of a lake.


The limestone engineered stone veneer option offers the elegant look and natural beauty of limestone. The laying pattern is less random than dress field, with rectangles of different sizes stacked on top of one another and even rows.

Granite/River Rock Siding

The granite and river rock engineered stone veneer option is the most random and natural-looking of the siding replacement options. Imagine taking as many oval, circular, and odd-shaped stones from a river bed and fitting them perfectly together, filling every space like a puzzle, over your home’s exterior walls. This is the look that granite and river rock siding provides.

The great thing about engineered stone veneer is the variety of colors and textures to choose from. The examples above only scratch the surface. If you’re interested in transforming and protecting your home with new sidings in engineered stone veneer, give the experts at Apex Exteriors, Inc. a call at (847) 961-4601. We’ll help you narrow down your options. We also help customers in Illinois and Wisconsin with their replacement roofing, window, and door needs.

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