Cedar roofing is a nice way to give your house a rustic look up top. There are as many variations of cedar shingles as there are trees. If you are looking for a cedar look, there is definitely a shade for your taste. Cedar roofing is also quite accessible and has been used in both residential and commercial projects. Apex Exteriors has many tips and products for your next cedar roofing project or maintenance.

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  • Maintains dimensions.

Cedar wood does not change much in humid conditions due to a low density. Since it does not move much when fastened, it can sustain all-weather conditions for a long time.

  • Weather durability.

There are not many elemental conditions that can damage cedar roofing. This includes wind damage too! Cedar is also less likely to have moss growth and can be treated to be fire and fungus resistant.

  • Strength.

Cedar wood is one of the toughest woods. It will both protect and reinforce the structural strength of the roof.

  • Insulation.

Cedar roofing is a great investment because it is a natural insulator. It keeps cooler air inside during the summer and warmer air inside during the winter. This will lower cooling and heating costs overall.

  • Aesthetically pleasing.

This is more of an emotional benefit rather than a practical one. A cedar roof just looks nicer than other roofs. Its finishing will take a long time to wear off and you will never get bored of it.

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