Becoming a homeowner is a celebrated accomplishment that will lead to years of enjoyable and memorable experiences; however, owning a home comes with responsibilities and expenses. Properly maintaining a home is essential to sustaining or increasing its value and longevity. One element of home maintenance that can be quite expensive is replacing the roof. Fortunately, Apex Exteriors has partnered with Wells Fargo Retail Services to gain access to a highly flexible and affordable roof funding program.

Why Consider Financing the Next Roofing Project

At Apex Exteriors, we are aware of the fact that roofing projects can produce a substantial expense, and these projects are often the result of storm damage, meaning that they were unexpected. There are times the insurance policy will cover the damages, and then there are other times in which the cost will have to come out-of-pocket. We understand that the one thing that the homeowner should not have to be concerned with is how they will pay for a project that they absolutely must have completed.

Roofing repairs and replacements are not the typical home improvement repairs that can be postponed until the money is available. If roofing damage is not repaired in a timely manner, it can lead to water damage to the interior of the home — not to mention further deterioration of the roof itself. Having access to an affordable loans allows for timely repairs that will actually save money in the long run.

Easy, Simple and Affordable

The lending program that is offered here at Apex Exteriors is both, affordable and flexible, which is immensely important, because not every situation is the same. Being able to offer homeowners a loan program that is ideal for their specific situation provides the confidence that is necessary to make the right decisions without worrying about costs.

There are a number of elements associated with the loan process that actually makes obtaining the loan a simple experience. The application process is quick and easy, eliminating the frustration that is often associated with securing any type of lending program. The program provides a quick approval that ensures immediate access to a revolving line of credit. There are multitudinous options available, including establishing a future line of credit for those unforeseen emergencies. This type of credit line only requires payments when it is used, and only on the portion that is used.

Start Your Roofing Project Immediately

Apex Exteriors has developed a reputation for providing exceptional roofing services, and we understand the vital importance of getting the repair or replacement project underway immediately. We have also witnessed moments in which a homeowner delayed the repairs due to a shortage of capital, only to incur more property damage as a result of the delay. With this new home repair loan program that is available through us, homeowners have the option to immediately engage their roofing needs without the concerns of how the project will be funded.

Using this Financing Option for Other Home Improvements

Although these loans were primarily created for roofing projects, it can be used to fund other home improvement projects as well. If a repair or renovation can add value to the home, then the loan program that is available through us can be used to cover the cost.

Selling Your Home?

There is a common misconception that homeowners should not invest in a home that they are looking to sell. The truth is that investing in the home can add value to it, subsequently increasing the list price and sales price of the home. Also, performing renovations on the home can improve its aesthetic appeal, which can serve to expedite the sale of the home. Outside of kitchen renovations, new roofing is one of the most impactful upgrades that will help move a home that is currently on the market. The roof is one of the first things that a potential buyer will see when they arrive at the home, and a new roof provides the confidence that they will not have to be concerned about the roofing maintenance for a while.

This new program that we are offering homeowners will provide immediate and flexible funding for their roofing project, allowing them to make the best decision on which route to take as far as repairs and replacements are concerned.

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