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Residential and commercial buildings in Bolingbrook, IL, have a tough job. They have to brave the outdoors 24/7 in Illinois’s particular and always changing weather. Yet, these structures are expected to stay together and create an everlasting impression on everyone who walks or drives by. Whether the exterior of your home or business is displaying the signs of wear and tear of the infamous elements or it’s just time for an upgrade, you need our #1 rated exterior remodeling company in Bolingbrook, IL. An exterior renovation will restore and transform your residential or commercial facility.
At Apex Exteriors, our team boasts the know-how to renovate an establishment’s exterior from the base all the way up to the roof. The skills our technicians possess include everything from annual repair and maintenance to complete replacements for:

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Gutters
  • Windows

As a company that has delivered unparalleled services in the area for over 30 years, customers choose us due to the high-quality service and knowledgeable experience in all aspects of exterior improvement that the entire crew has.

Why Select Our Home & Commercial Exterior Services?

Many home and building owners in Bolingbrook feel as though they are able to keep up with the needs of the exterior of their property. However, exterior renovations include much more than just a new coat of paint! Over time siding can peels and leak, roofs begin to wear down and leak, gutters break, and windows become outdated. Keeping up with the exterior of your home is more than just appearance; it’s also about safety and comfortability. Doing it by yourself is dangerous and will lead to costly fixes in the future. Now that you know hiring professionals is the ideal option, why choose Apex Exteriors? The entire crew at our local company, from sales to repair, has decades of experience managing every aspect of home and commercial building exterior. As home and business owners ourselves, we know better than anyone the importance of keeping up with our property’s exterior. Our crew always:

  • Takes the time to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of all products.
  • Delivers expert advice based on the customer’s needs and property
  • Has a fully-equipped van ready to arrive at the client’s location
  • Provides honest quotes on repairs and competitive prices on materials and products from top manufacturers.

Residential & Commercial Roofing Business – Serving Bolingbrook, IL

Most Trusted Roofing Contractors in the Chicagoland Area

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Have you been looking at your current roof and noticed that it’s looking a bit outdated? Are you building a new home or business in Bolingbrook, IL, and looking for the best roofing company to install a brand new sturdy and attractive roof? Whatever the reason may be, Apex Exteriors delivers expert roof installation, repairs, and replacements in Bolingbrook, IL. Our prices are competitive, and our workmanship standards are better than any other company in the area. Those looking for quality, efficiency, and affordability always find it with our trusted roofing company. Our work:

  • Saves money on your energy bills
  • Extends the life and value of your home
  • Protects everyone in your home as well as everything inside

Fast and Reliable Home and Commercial Roofing Repairs and Replacements in Bolingbrook, IL

Your home and commercial building are among the most significant investments you have. As you are busy managing daily responsibilities, the last thing you need is the stress and grief of a failing roof. Our goal is to protect you, your family, visitors, guests, employees, and belongings from the elements when you need them the most and at affordable prices. The moment you need a roof repair in Bolingbrook, our team of roofing repair specialists is who you’ve been looking for.
Unfortunately, sometimes small fixes and repairs are not enough. There is only a certain amount of “patches” you can rely on before needing a complete roof replacement. The older a roof gets, the easier it is to develop leaks. While a leak may not sound too harmful, it will be the downfall to the integrity of your property when left untreated. Have one of our technicians come to your property, examine the roof, and advise you on the next steps.

Home & Commercial Window Services Company

Windows in Bolingbrook, IL, with the Incredible Combination of Style, Energy Efficiency, and Security

Our reputation for providing Chicagoland with the highest quality window products and services is built on decades of craftsmanship, quality customer service, and products from the most trusted manufacturers. Our team assists home, and commercial owners realize their dreams of beautiful windows that both look and perform amazingly at affordable prices.
The extensive experience with the unique environmental conditions in the Chicagoland area our team provides is a priceless extra service to our customers. Our unique and changing climate and elements are harsh, especially on windows. The moment our clients need windows installed, repaired, or replaced, they can always trust us.

Home Gutter Services: Maintenance & Gutter Replacement in Bolingbrook, IL

Have your gutters seen better days? Whether they’ve begun to rust along or are constantly clogging with dirt and debris, our company will work with you to find a fast and affordable solution. With our new gutters, you’ll enjoy a stylish home exterior free from common water damage issues and hassle-free to maintain. No matter the type of service you require for gutters in Bolingbrook, our company is here and ready to assist! We deliver:

  • Gutter Installation
  • Gutter Replacement
  • Gutter Repair
  • Gutter Guards

Siding Repair, Installation & Replacement

#1 Siding Contractor in Bolingbrook, IL

It’s time to upgrade your home or business with modern, engaging siding from Apex Exteriors. Our crew has assisted countless clients in making their dream exterior come alive, and now you can have that dream come true as well! Allow us to help you determine the right materials, the best layout, and an installation schedule that works around your schedule and doesn’t disrupt you or the flow of your property at all.
The moment you are looking for beautiful, new siding for your Bolingbrook home or business that’s easy to care for and affordable, there is no other place to go than our locally-trusted siding company. From complete remodels to quick fixes, customers choose to call us time and time again to find a solution for their distinctive needs. Need new siding? Get in touch with one of our technicians right away.

Residential & Commercial Manufactured Stone Panel Siding Services in Bolingbrook, IL


Stone Panel Siding Chicagoland Illinois Installer
The exterior walls of your property are one of the first features that those passing by notice, making it that much more of an important decision when choosing the material that will adorn your walls. While regular siding will help you blend into the aging appearance of your neighbors, why not be bold and stand out from the rest with elegant, modern, and attractive manufactured stone siding?  Manufactured stone siding looks and feels like the real thing, but it isn’t as heavy, expensive, or vulnerable as natural stone is. As an added advantage, the installation is quick, and no major structural supports are required. Choose from various natural stone veneers, and we guarantee an elegant and long-lasting exterior that will look fantastic for years to come.

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Whether it is your residential or commercial property in Bolingbrook, IL, we’re the company that will revitalize the exterior! No matter the service you require, our team is up to the task of delivering unparalleled results and unbeatable prices. The entire crew at Apex Exteriors is ready to ensure that each one of your exterior needs is handled with professionalism, care, and attention to detail. What are you waiting for? Contact the roofing, window, and siding specialists in Bolingbrook today.