Thoughts to Consider To Spruce Up Your Home

  1. Take a note from the neighbors.

Tour your neighborhood or even different neighborhoods in your area that you like. Take note of color choices and color combinations you admire. If you see any houses that have a similar architectural style as yours, you might want to take special notice. What did those homeowners do that you like or dislike? This is also a great way to get ideas for landscaping and will help spruce up your home. What makes the difference between beautiful landscaping and depressing landscaping? You’ll start to notice trends.

  1. Consider your home’s environment.

Is your house in the middle of a forest? Consider earth tones, this will help spruce up your home. Is it in a grassy suburban subdivision? A wider range of stronger colors may be in order. Or are you In a close-packed urban neighborhood? You might be able to get away with more vibrant and eclectic color choices.

  1. Think about your climate.

A house with bright flamingo pink stucco looks great surrounded by palm trees and a warm, sunny climate. But that same house can look ridiculous on a cold, gray winter day in the Midwest.

  1. Make your statement.

Do you want to stand out or blend in? Decide that first and then look at what you need to do to achieve that affect. If all the homes in your area are earth tones, maybe you want to go with something bright and jewel-toned. If everything is light colored, you won’t have to go very dark to stand out. But if you want to blend in and fit your surroundings, you’re choices will be easier: pick a home two or three doors down and consider their color scheme. Pick a house a few doors down for that to take landscaping tips from.

Choosing Your Palette

One sure-fire way to get the right color combinations is to find a paint chip card – one of the cards with four of five different shades on it – and pick two colors on the same card, a few shades apart. Use one for the main color of your home and the other for the trim. Then, pick a third contrasting color for your front door.

In the store, pick a few different combinations and consider them for a few days – don’t make any quick decisions when it comes to house colors. Make sure you look at the colors outside, in natural light, on both cloudy and sunny days and remember: you’re looking at a little spot of color. Try to imagine it writ large, on the body of your house. Bright colors can become intensely bright when painted on a whole house.

When picking an accent color, consider your favorite bold hue in a muffled tone.

Finally, if you’re at all unsure, consider consulting a professional. Architects, designers, and even professional house painters may be able to give you tips and lead you in a direction that won’t let you down.

Popular Palettes

At Apex Exteriors, we offer hundreds of shades for your roofing, siding, window, and door choices to spruce up your home. Curious about our favorite color combinations? Check out these palettes and then give us a call to discuss your exterior needs.

Mustard yellow, brown, and honeysuckle white

Cool green, butter yellow, and pure white

White, black, and red

Gray, white, and moss green

Green, celestial blue, and cotton white

White & chocolate

Taupe, brown, and rustic red

Dark gray, light gray, and white

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