Wood siding provides the ultimate rustic look to your home. Not only is it rugged, but it also has a polished, outdoorsy feel that will make your home like a cabin oasis. However, many people don’t know what they’re getting themselves into from a maintenance perspective when they choose an exterior wood finish. Think deck maintenance, but much larger. At Apex, we love wooden finishes and want to help you make the best decision for the exterior of your home. To learn more about the products and services that Apex offers, visit us online at or call 847.961.4601.

  • Finish.

    No matter what option you choose, you must finish your wood siding. The siding installer should pre-finish it for you, but the finish will need periodic touch-ups. You can choose from paint, stain, or wood sealer to protect your home’s exterior from moisture or wood decay. When you need to re-finish your siding it will likely end up costing your between $3,000 – $5,000.

  • Clean.

    Cleaning your wood siding is a big part of your home care. Clean discolorations from the siding as soon as you notice them to avoid stains. Dissolve four ounces of oxalic acid (pick some up for around $10 from your local home improvement store) in one cup of water to create a cleaning solution.

  • Restore.

    You can easily use an exterior wood cleaner or brightener (around $20 per gallon from a home improvement store) to restore your wood’s natural luster or tone.

  • Replace.

    If you need to replace a few slats of your home’s wood siding replaced, that can be accomplished for less than $300 in most cases.

  • Treat.

    Confirming that your wood siding has been properly treated to withstand the elements and to prevent potential pests is extremely important!

To learn more about Apex Exteriors and our wood finish options, visit us online at or call 847.961.4601 today!

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