It has the right number of rooms, it’s in a great neighborhood, you love the landscaping, and the kitchen layout is just perfect. You’ve got the down payment ready to go; just hand over the papers and get them signed, right?


Before you put down anything on paper, there are a few things you should check. Just to make sure that this perfect house isn’t going to collapse around you in a year or so.


Go outside and look up at the roof. Do you see any loose, curled, or broken shingles that might be a sign of greater damage? How about the gutters- are they in place well or do they look like they’re ready to fall off at the next wind? Are there any trees near the house that might be dropping things on the roof?

Okay, how about inside? Look at the ceilings. Are they yellowed or stained? That could indicate leaks. Is the attic dry or damp? If it’s damp, you’d better look out for roof rot (see our previous post ).


Windows are important not just for looks and light, but they need to be helping with insulation. If you put your hand next to the windows, can you feel a draft? Are they double-paned? How easy is it to open the windows? Too-tight window frames could indicate dampness.


Vinyl siding, the most common siding in the US, is generally resistant to damage. However, you should still perform at least a visual inspection of the house’s exterior, looking for anywhere the siding seems to have trouble.

Home Inspector

The best thing you can do is to have a certified expert come to look the house over. They will do a better job of locating possible problem spots than you can or even than the previous owners. And if you do spot any trouble (and think the rest of the house is perfect), remember that Apex Exteriors can get that house fixed up for you so your family can move right in.

Apex Exteriors: Roof and Siding Experts for Arlington, Barrington, South Elgin, and nearby Chicagoland areas.

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