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Improve your first impression - Make your business stand out

Apex Exterior Services in Glen Ellyn

Beautiful Exteriors for Professional Buildings

When it comes to commercial properties, first impressions really do count. It’s the exterior of a building that entices customers to come inside – you could never expect to do a roaring trade if your building exterior looks run down and in desperate need of repair. Visitors arriving for meetings should be greeted by a professional exterior that shows just how much you care about your business. Employees should have a safe, problem-free environment to work in, that makes them look forward to coming to work each day.

A well-maintained and beautifully designed commercial exterior is the first impression that you provide of your business and it should be a spectacular one.

At Apex Exteriors, we provide professional solutions for professional businesses. Whether you run a store in Evanston or you provide office space in Naperville, at Apex Exteriors, we can make sure that the exterior and interior of your commercial building is in excellent condition for your business needs.

Our craftsman can tailor the exceptional services that we provide at Apex Exteriors to your unique needs. We work fast, efficiently, and expertly, to deliver commercial services that are a true asset to your commercial building, now and in the future.

Expert Commercial Roofing Repair & Installation Company - Serving Chicagoland

Our expert team can take on all projects that involve roof repair, or even full replacement; using our extensive experience in the industry to make sure that all work is carried out unobtrusively, as to cause as minimal of an interruption to your working environment as possible. 

We’ll assess the problem with your roofing, find the root cause, and get to work on bringing your roof back up to top notch condition is as quick a time as possible. With Apex Exteriors, you get the perfect combination of expertise, experience, and competitive pricing, guaranteeing you a great price with an outstanding service – no matter the roofing problem that needs fixing.

As a commercial property owner you realize the importance of hiring the right roofing contractor the first time. Hire the most experienced Chicagoland commercial roofing installation professionals in the industry, you can count on Apex Exteriors to do the job right the first time! No other commercial roofing contractor has the combination of resources and experience in commercial roofing repair that you will find with Apex Commercial Roofing Services.

Commercial Roof Repair Safety / Training / Quality Assurance

A leaky roof is as close to a useless roof as you can get and is something that should be addressed very quickly by a professional. Leaving problems in your commercial building’s roof unrepaired will not only make the environment unpleasant for employees and customers, but it could lead to having to undertake much more serious and expensive repairs later on.If you’ve encountered problems with your roof, then there are a number of issues that may be to blame. At Apex Exteriors, we can take care of all your roofing needs, including in cases of:

Commercial Roof Leak Investigation & Repair

Commercial roof leak investigation & repair requires a specific skill set and training, requiring a multi-faceted approach that involves an immediate response to commercial roofing leaks.  Our leak inspectors have over 30 years of experience with water intrusion investigations and maintain a very high success rate in finding and stopping commercial roofing leaks.

Our Certifications

While the quality of the work performed by our team at Apex Exteriors speaks for itself in terms of expert craftmanship, we always strive to give our customers a complete peace of mind over their projects. We are incredibly active in the local community and make sure that we are completely up to date with the latest developments. Our large number of certifications, include:

At Apex Exteriors, we’re never behind on the latest and most advanced developments in our trades. In all areas of building renovations that we cover, we make sure that we’re experienced, knowledgeable, and efficient at using the latest technologies and techniques to deliver the best possible results for every project.

For advanced, high-quality, and innovative workmanship, our designers are the right experts to take care of your project!

There are a number of commercial services that we specialize in at Apex Exteriors, including commercial siding, roofing, and window services in Chicagoland. Take a look a just how you can enhance the exterior and interior of your workplace with our expert services. 

While the quality of the work performed by our team at Apex Exteriors speaks for itself in terms of expert craftmanship, we always strive to give our customers a complete peace of mind over their projects. We are incredibly active in the local community and make sure that we are completely up to date with the latest developments. Our large number of certifications, include:

On top of the aesthetic benefits of siding, a siding upgrade or repair can also help to protect your building, ensuring that you’re safeguarded against common problems that can lead to very expensive repairs down the line.

Our range of high-quality commercial siding options can:

Between the increased appeal of your commercial building and the improved protection, you can revitalize your commercial space, making it more appealing to work in and better able to attract customers. At Apex Exteriors in Chicago, IL, we offer an expert craftsmanship on all siding projects – ensuring that your building stands out for all the right reasons.

Commercial Window Services in Chicagoland

Clean display windows present your business in a great light, but there is a lot more that you can do with the windows on your commercial property to attract customers, than just clean them. If your windows are looking worn, tired, and shabby, then they’ll be doing your business no favors in terms of curb-side appeal. A beautifully crafted window is the perfect accompaniment to stylish siding – filling your workspace or sales floor with stunning natural lighting and a beautiful atmosphere.

Our team can take care of all your commercial window needs, no matter the number, style, or design of the windows in your building. We can create a great consistency in an office space, help you to design beautiful windows for a storefront, or make your building stand out with bright and modern sliding windows.

We specialize in modern vinyl windows that can be completely customized to your requirements with a vast range of colors available, and classic wooden windows, for an elegant and professional finish to any space. Whether you require contemporary sliding doors or beautifully crafted new windows, you’ll always get a reliable, consistent, and respectful service when you choose Apex Exteriors in Chicago, Illinois.

We can take care of all repairs, maintenance, and replacements, making the process of updating and maintaining your commercial windows a lot easier.

Other Services Provided by Apex Exteriors

At Apex Exteriors, we strive to offer a professional service that you can rely on for high-quality interior and exterior transformations – bring a new burst of life into tired buildings in the commercial and residential sectors. As well as professional siding, roofing, and window services, we can also help in a few other areas, with high-quality work completed by expert craftsman.

We provide a range of expert services for doors, guttering, and engineered stone veneer – bringing you new solutions to achieving that perfect professional finish for your commercial building. Take a look at the services that we can provide for commercial buildings in the Chicagoland area:


Our entry and sliding doors are the epitome of elegance and great craftsmanship, helping to transform any style of building into an environment that looks and feels professional. Designed to be long-lasting, you can trust the expert craftsmanship of our doors to transform your workspace or store – giving customers even more of a reason to step through the door!


Without the right care and maintenance, the guttering on your commercial building can cause a number of serious issues. We offer an expert service to take care of all guttering problems, from leaks and holes to separated guttering and issues with pitch. With our help, you can make sure that your commercial guttering is in excellent condition, now and for years to come.

Engineered Stone Veneer

A engineered stone veneer exterior is breathtaking and can become a true asset to any style of business, from classic stores to professional office buildings. The addition of durable engineered stone veneer can provide added insulation, increase building longevity, and improve protection. For the classic look with a highly professional undertone, you can count on the Apex Exteriors team to help you to design and maintain a engineered stone veneer exterior that will make your commercial property stand out from the crowd.

Professional Repair Maintenance – Keep Your Commercial Buildings in Excellent Shape

The services that we provide at Apex Exteriors cover both the repair and replacement of windows, siding, and roofing, as well as expert maintenance services to keep your commercial properly looking great. We work with the motto that no job is ever too small or ever too large, from standard commercial building repairs and general maintenance in the Chicagoland area to full roofing, siding, or window replacement, you can count on our craftsmen to get the job right, the first time around.

We provide a full inspection and assessment service, so even if you’re not sure of the exact problem, we can get to the bottom of the issue for you, giving you a peace of mind about the ongoing quality of your roof, siding, or windows. Once the inspection has taken place, we’ll work with you to arrange for a solution that is both practical and affordable for your commercial property.

Our designers can present a range of high-quality products, from our stunning siding options, to our beautifully bespoke windows. Each job comes with a full guarantee on the quality of our workmanship – if you’re not satisfied with the end result, then neither are we!

As standard, all commercial projects will be completed to the highest quality in as quick of a time as possible – we will never cause any unneeded delays to your business!

Take a Look at Our Previous Work

We take great pride in all the previous projects that we have completed on commercial buildings in the Chicagoland area. Our experience spans multiple industries, where there are very varied requirements for the end result of the project.
Below you can take a look at two of our most recent projects that demonstrate the varied work that our craftsmen can perform on commercial buildings.


Cucci Ford in East Dundee, Illinois

In the video below, you can get a closer look at the drone footage from this fantastic project that we recently had the pleasure of being a part of:


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Our team were hired to help finish this beautiful new student building for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The pictures below show an example of our completed work and what we managed to achieve on the new construction!

Why Should You Choose Apex Exteriors for Your Commercial Project?

A first impression is a lasting impression, and for a business, it’s of the upmost importance to make sure that the impression is a good one. To stop customers and visitors negatively judging your business before even walking through the door, you need to make sure that the impression you’re giving is wholly positive. That’s exactly what we specialize in at Apex Exteriors in Chicago.

Apex Exteriors have more than 30 years of experience in the property renovation industry, bringing modern improvements to commercial and residential buildings all over the Chicagoland area. We pride ourselves on our consistent high quality of work, whether the project is a simple maintenance job or if it’s a full roof replacement or siding removal and replacement project. Small building, large building, or somewhere in between, if you want to transform the internal environment and external appearance of your commercial property, the team at Apex Exteriors are who you should be calling.

If you would like to learn more about the commercial services that we offer businesses in the Chicagoland area, then please don’t hesitate to contact the Apex Exteriors office today at 847-531-8960. Our friendly team will be able to schedule you an appointment to get a FREE estimate on your project!

Text 224-523-3246 for an appointment.