Over time, unattended roof damages can worsen and become more severe. Something as small as a few missing shingles can become a dangerous roofing problem. It’s important that you inspect your rooftop at least once a year for any signs of deterioration and structural harm. Identifying your roofing problems early on can save you a lot of hassle financially and physically. This is because you are able to quickly and more easily repair the small issues before they turn into bigger issues. As winter approaches, there are a few specific roof hazards that you should be aware of. Here, we present three of those snowy and icy issues that you can can prepare for this upcoming winter.

Ice Dams

Example of an ice dam. Image:


Ice dams are created from the snow that is accumulated up a top the roof. The warmth from inside a house slightly melts the inner layers of the rooftop snow. However, since the inside of a house is not hot enough to completely melt off the snow, the slow melting water collects and freezes again. This is the pattern that forms ice dams and they are heavy. The slightly melted snow can seep into the shingles and dismantle them as the water refreezes into the roof. This damage leads to roof leaks inside your home.


There are two ways you can address ice dams. One is to way is to blow cold air up against the ceiling to prevent the snow and ice from melting on your roof. The second solution is to remove the ice and snow on the roof using a rake to gently scrape them off. However, because clearing off a slick and slippery roof is a pretty dangerous job, you might want to discuss it with Apex Ext, your local Schaumburg Roof Repair company.


Example of condensation under the roof. Image:


Much like ice dams, condensation is what happens when water or melted snow sinks into porous roof materials such as wood and foil insulation. The trapped water expands when it freezes and creates cracks and breakage in the roof and ceiling. Both large and small leaks can form due to condensation and the integrity of the roof is often compromised with this kind of damage.


The most effective solution for condensation is to remove any water build up on the roof. You can do this through proper venting and insulation and by swiftly repairing all noticeable holes and cracks in the roof and ceiling. Recognize the signs of condensation such as black or white residue on the roof structures. If you suspect you may have a condensation problem have your Schaumburg repair specialists do a thorough roof inspection for you.


Icicles may be pretty but they can cause damage. Image:


Normally, your first response to icicles in admiration. Unfortunately, these beautiful water crystals are the results of ice dams and cause some serious harm to your home. Icicles are formed when ice dams spill over the ends of the house and then freeze mid drip. Depending on their size and the length of time they remain on your house icicles can rot your roof, smash your windows and even tear down your gutters.


Although, you may be tempted to knock down the icicles by yourself, this is a risky idea. Because you just don’t know how much damage has been done to your gutters you could potentially harm yourself and your home in the process of tearing down icicles. A better solution would be to use heat tape across the ends of your roof, this will prevent icicles from even forming along your house. You could even have a professional come along and prepare your home for winter.

Naturally, because nobody wants endure roofing problems, especially in the winter, it’s important to resolve and repair any damages or issues as soon as possible. Early detection and proper prevention makes for a much happier and stress-less winter season. If you do, however, notice anything peculiar about your roof at anytime during the year, don’t hesitate to call your Schaumburg Roof Repair company for assistance. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the state of your roof.

Last Updated on April 14, 2017 by ApexRoofingServices

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