Have you ever wondered what other uses you could discover for using vinyl siding and gutters? I am sure the Cub Scout rain gutter regatta quickly comes to mind, but what else could you use these materials for? Your local siding replacement specialist Apex Ext serving Naperville and many other Chicagoland areas has some great ideas to help turn everyday exterior materials into great ideas the whole family would love.

Race Track

What Little boy wouldn’t love to own a one of a kind race track? It is perfect to have friends over and have a big race. Think what a fun activity this could be for that little man in your life: a race track made from vinyl siding. And when you want a change, use it to race lots of other objects. Get the water hose and use it to have their action figures go down the water-slide. Who doesn’t love a versatile toy?

Mantel Decor

What special lady in your life wouldn’t love to have a gutter for home decor? If you think I am crazy show her this picture and she will instantly say, “I never would have thought a gutter could look so good.” Save yourself a bundle at Christmas time and get her a gutter. She could easily change out the decor every month to suit her tastes and needs.

Key and Phone Organizer

Trying to organize where to put your keys, or other items you’re constantly losing while on your way out of the house? Try using a rain gutter to solve all your organizational needs. What a great way to make a statement and also streamline all those little nick-knacks that are constantly getting lost.

Indoor Planter

Why not start a garden planter inside your own house up where children and animals can’t reach. This is such a great way to keep plants and herbs alive year round and still look beautiful in your home.

Hanging Gutter Garden

If keeping a gutter planter inside your home doesn’t seem like a feasible option, then try using a gutter to hang outside in your garden. This is great way to still have a garden spot if you have a small yard or renting. It will also free up valuable space in your garden with more room to grow other things.

Fox Art

Pallet art is so popular right now. When making pallet art nail your wood pallets on a piece of siding to help align your wood and keep everything straight and where it needs to go. Vinyl siding is great for helping your pallet stay nice and strong.

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