When thinking of summer this year, what comes to mind? Are you most excited for: baseball games, camping, fishing, swimming, or annual summer barbecues? Summertime brings all these wonderful elements together. One exciting way to bring the summertime fun to your backyard is with engineered stone veneer. You may think engineered stone veneer is only good for the exterior of your home, but that simply isn’t true. Backyard fireplaces are becoming a sizzling hot addition to your home. And engineered stone veneer can help make this into a reality.



Having a fire pit or barbecue grill in your backyard is a great thing to have, but why not go for an outdoor fireplace? It would be safer and you wouldn’t need to worry about little kids getting curious and falling in. It would also be a perfect way to cuddle up on a cool crisp fall night or even in the summer when the night air has that slight chilly breeze.

Pizza Oven

pizza oven

How would you like having a brick pizza oven that can cook a homemade pizza in 3 minutes? Pizza ovens are great in the summertime. They can save time in the kitchen and create other dishes besides pizza such as:

  • Casseroles
  • Turkey
  • Artisan fresh breads
  • Vegetables
  • Seafood
  • hot pockets



Having a grill made out of engineered stone veneer can really add to the overall quality of the food. It gives your meats and vegetables more of a smoke flavor from the wood-chips you use and also helps your meats to be flame roasted. Or even try cooking your meats rotisserie style. This will help your meats to cook thoroughly and evenly.


pit smokers

Building a stone pit to cook whole slices of meat can really add a lot of flavor and also really have your meats come out tender and juicer than you would initially expect. Smokers give your meats more of a smoky flavor and depending on the flavor of wood-chips you use you can make many different combinations of flavored meats.

Having a backyard cooking focal point can really make for some fun and a great way to create some summer memories, not to mention a relaxing oasis to enjoy. Your local Apex Skokie Siding Replacement representatives in the Chicagoland area can help you figure out which engineered stone veneer material would look best with your home. Or even which one would have to best durability for your needs.

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