Revive the Exterior of Your Property with Classically Beautiful Cultured Stone Siding

Is the exterior of your home in need of a makeover? Tired of the same old siding detracting from the appeal of your home? Worried that the walls of your property aren’t as protected as they should be? One of the best options on the market for a complete property transformation is cultured stone siding – the easy way to revitalize the exterior of any property!

A stone exterior delivers that classic charm, enhancing the beauty of any style, shape, or size of property. The only problem is… stone doesn’t come cheap.

A full stone exterior makeover in Chicago is going to set you back considerably, and for many, isn’t a viable option. This is where cultured stone comes into the equation.

For that same beautiful transformation that can add elegance and style to properties new and old, without the hefty price tag, cultured stone siding is the answer. Beautifully crafted and expertly designed, cultured stone is a remarkable product, designed to provide a breath-taking home transformation without breaking the bank.

So, what makes cultured stone such a diversely interesting option for your home?

What is Cultured Stone?

When many people think of stone siding for a property, they think of heavy natural stone. This is mined from the ground, and generally goes through a process of reshaping. Cultured stone is something else entirely, yet still manages to deliver that natural stone charm, despite having different properties.

Unlike natural stone, cultured stone is crafted and molded into the perfect shape for your home, normally using concrete. Once the shapes have been formed, they’re stained to deliver the aesthetics that you want for your property. This means that you have near endless possibilities when it comes to the size of your siding, the color of the siding, and the entire finish of the versatile product.

The end result is a beautiful finish for your home, with a unique set of benefits to the look, protection, and maintenance of your property. Some of the key benefits of cultured stone, include:

• Very Lightweight – Due to the way that cultured stone is crafted, it’s much lighter than many alternative siding products on the market. This is especially the case when you compare cultured stone to the natural stone alternative.

• Lowered Maintenance – Cultured stone is virtually maintenance-free, which means that you can enjoy the enhanced aesthetics without having to worry about cleaning, repairing, and replacing the siding at the first sign of bad weather.

• Affordable Siding – As cultured stone is manufactured, the production costs are greatly reduced, particularly when compared to natural stone. The lighter weight also makes it easier to install and transport, reducing costs in many areas of siding installation in Chicagoland.

• Durable – Cultured stone is a very strong and durable option for siding your property. The material can provide a finish that you can trust to stay looking fantastic and protect your home in the short-term and long-term.

• Improved Protection – Protecting your exterior walls from extreme weather, damage, and problems that accumulate over the years, is incredibly important. Cultured stone provides an extra layer of protection, keeping the walls that are essential for the structural security of your home completely safe from harm.

• Add Insulation – Not only does cultured stone add an extra layer of protection against the elements, but the extra layer of protection can also help to better insulate your home against heat loss.

• Versatile Uses – Cultured stone can be used on the interior of your home or the exterior. This means that you can easily create a consistent design throughout your home. The product can be used to cover any style of wall, interior or exterior, and even to surround fireplaces!

• Easier Installation – Cultured stone is very easy to install, the siding can be moved easily, and installed in even the most difficult of places. This not only cuts costs for installation, but also means that you can get your siding installed at a much quicker rate.

• Realistic Aesthetics – While cultured stone is not the same as natural stone, it does deliver the same instant ‘wow’ impact. The finished look is attractive, very similar to natural stone, and a compliment to any style of property. The realistic aesthetics of cultured stone will easily improve the curb appeal of your property.

• Multiple Designs – Choice is in abundance when you opt for cultured stone as the ideal siding for your home. You can select your perfect stone from the range available, or even go one step further and completely customize the look of your home. The only limit to what you can achieve with cultured stone is your creativity.

• Longevity – When you undertake such a dramatic home transformation as altering the siding on your property, you want the assurance that the look of the siding and protection it offers is going to last. With cultured stone, you’ll be getting a finish and high level of protection that is designed to last for years to come.

Cultured Stone Siding for Residential Properties

Cultured stone is a very popular choice for residential properties in Chicago of all different ages and styles. The versatile uses of the siding and the range of styles available make it a wonderful siding choice to set a property apart and really make a statement with the design choices for a home.

There are a number of ways that you can use cultured stone on the exterior of your home to really make it standout in your neighborhood:

• Cover the entire exterior of your home in your perfect cultured stone choice for a consistent and classically charming finish.

• Create eye-catching segments of cultured stone siding that compliment other siding materials or paintwork.

• Combine multiple styles of cultured stone to design a property exterior that perfectly reflects your tastes and the style of your property.

• Compliment other exterior decorations or properties on your road by choosing a cultured stone finish that integrates seamlessly into the natural surroundings.

With cultured stone siding, the choice really is yours to make for how you want to revitalize your property. No matter what style that you choose, you can always guarantee that your home is going to look elegant, feel refreshed, and be much more appealing from the street.

Whether you’re trying to refresh your home to make it easier to sell, revitalize the exterior to regain that sense of property pride, or you just fancy a change and want a home that better reflects your tastes, cultured stone can more than deliver.

Cultured Stone Siding for Businesses

Just as cultured stone is a wonderful choice for residential properties, it’s also a top choice for business premises and professional buildings.

First impressions are everything in business, whether it’s the impressions you provide your customers with when they walk through the door, the impressions you give to clients when they arrive for a meeting, or the impressions that your employees get when they arrive for work every day.

Having a shabby, worn-down, and unsuitable exterior on your office building or store is a guaranteed way to make your business look unprofessional. With cultured stone siding, not only are you going to better protect your work building, but also demonstrate to your customers, associates, and employees that you care about the professional nature of your business.
Cultured stone is the ideal choice for modern business exterior siding, for a number of reasons:

• The siding provides a professional front for your office or store
• The durable materials will protect the structural security of your building
• With a quick installation you can minimize work delays
• An extensive range of design choices mean you can tailor the finish to your business
• Low exterior maintenance for easier upkeep and less resource allocation to exterior care

Choosing the Right Stone Siding for Your Property

Cultured stone has the remarkable ability to deliver a timeless charm, enhancing the appeal of your home from a distance and from close up. While many people worry that cultured stone is not going to be able to provide the same effect as natural stone, the beautiful finishes that can be achieved can’t be doubted.

Control is in your hands when it comes to choosing the perfect finish for your home. You can choose the stone style you want, the size of the stones, and even select a texture that you know is going to work perfectly on your property.

Whether you want a smooth finish with an eye-catching color, or a rough finish with traditional looking stones, the power is in your hands with cultured stone siding. Here are some of the most popular options available for top of the range cultured stone siding:

Tailored Stone
With tailored stone, you can achieve a simple yet classically elegant finish with an almost uniform-like design. The beautiful design is a compliment to new homes and older properties alike, with a timeless aesthetic design that will enhance your property for years to come.

Dress Field Stone
Give your property a rustic appeal with a dress fieldstone siding that will accentuate the classic charm of your home. This rugged finish gives textural and aesthetic features, with eye-catching placement that will give your home a unique appeal.

A classic choice for a clean, crisp, and eye-catching finish, limestone cultured stone is a siding suitable for all manner of home styles. The light finish is an ideal compliment to a multitude of design choices, achieving the natural beautiful of stone with a price tag that is affordable.

Granite/River Rock
Create a bold finish to set your home apart, with the choice of granite/river rock, a truly unique option for a statement home. The combination of bold colors and light textures make granite/river rock a choice that can transform any type of property.

Achieve That Unique Look for Your Property

The options for cultured stone siding are extensive, but they don’t stop at the popular choices. You can completely tailor cultured stone siding to match your personal tastes, the uniqueness of your property, and the feel of your neighborhood.

With a bespoke cultured stone design, you can go for the boldest of designs, choose an elegant and understated finish, or recreate a rustic appeal that matches the style of your property. Selecting the right siding for your home is a chance to let your imagination run wild, and truly get creative with what makes your property unique. Not sure where to start with designing the perfect cultured stone siding for your property?

This is where the expert designers at Apex Exteriors in Chicagoland can step in and provide a helping hand with creating the perfect design. We can help you every step of the way, from taking a tour of your home so we can provide you with the best options to help accentuate your property’s features, to helping turn your ideas for a siding design into a reality. When it comes to cultured stone siding, the options are truly extensive.

Why Should You Choose Apex Exteriors for Cultured Stone Installation?

The siding on your property, whether its residential or commercial, is one of the first impressions that you provide. At Apex Exteriors, we believe that first impressions are of the upmost importance, both to make your property shine as the unique building that it is, and to rejuvenate that sense of property pride that makes a house feel like a home and an office space feel like somewhere you want to spend time.

At Apex Exteriors, we strive to deliver the perfect finish to every single property, with high-quality cultured stone siding that is designed to bring out the best in your home. Our siding is customized to your needs, and crafted to provide exterior protection as well as exterior elegance, charm, and a timeless feel that will benefit your property for years to come.

Our experts will work with you, designing a finish that compliments your home or office, from the vast range of styles, textures, and sizes of cultured stone that we have available. If you have an idea in mind, then we make it our mission to see it realized by treating your property uniquely and providing high-quality installation that ensures ultimate satisfaction with the outcome.

Tired of the siding on your home looking more worn-out than stand-out? Need to revamp your office exterior to show that your company means business? Give Apex Exteriors a call today for a free estimate on cultured stone siding for your property, and chat with our experts about revitalizing the look, feel, and charm of your home or office.

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