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Apex Exteriors: Transform Your Elgin Deck into a Summer Paradise

Summer’s warm embrace is just around the corner, and there’s no better place to soak it in than on your very own deck. Here at Apex Exteriors, the premier home improvement company serving Elgin, IL and the surrounding areas, we know a well-maintained and stylish deck becomes an extension of your living space, perfect for relaxation, entertaining, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

But before you fire up the grill and string the patio lights, it’s important to give your deck some TLC. This guide will walk you through essential maintenance steps, inspiring design ideas, and creative ways to elevate your deck into a summer oasis you’ll love.

Giving Your Deck a Fresh Start: The Power of Cleaning and Staining

A flawless deck starts with a clean slate. Before diving into design and décor, a thorough cleaning and staining process is crucial. Here’s how to achieve a flawless foundation:

Prepping for Power: The ideal cleaning day is overcast to prevent water evaporation. Begin by removing all furniture, plants, and any items stored on the deck. Trim back any branches that may be touching the deck, and lightly dampen surrounding siding or foliage to minimize staining.

Cleaning with Confidence: Safety first! Gear up with latex gloves, a stiff-bristled, chemical-resistant cleaning brush, and a trusted deck cleaning solution. Following the grain of the wood, work in small sections from top to bottom, scrubbing in one direction for optimal cleaning. Leave the floorboards for last, tackling them in 200-square-foot sections at a time.

The Science of Staining: After applying the cleaning solution, allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Then, using a pressure washer with a 40-degree fan nozzle, rinse thoroughly at a 45-degree angle, maintaining a distance of 6-8 inches between the nozzle and the deck surface.

Patience is Key: For a flawless stain application, complete drying is essential. Allow your deck 3-4 consecutive rain-free days to dry completely. Once dry, sweep away any debris and dust particles.

Applying the Finishing Touch: For even application and a beautiful finish, use a wide brush with synthetic filaments. Always apply stain with the grain, starting at the highest point of your deck and working your way down. Immediately wipe up any drips, runs, or pools to ensure consistent color. Here’s a pro tip: Regularly stir your stain while applying to prevent color variation.

Rest and Relaxation: After staining, allow your deck to dry completely for at least 48 hours before walking on it or placing any furniture back on the surface.

Adding Life and Privacy: The Power of Plants on Your Deck

Plants are more than just decorative elements; they can transform your deck into a functional and inviting space. Here are some creative ways to incorporate greenery:

Privacy Paradise: Create a natural privacy fence by strategically placing tall plants around the perimeter of your deck. This is a fantastic solution for separating your space from your neighbor’s or creating a secluded haven within your own backyard.

Fresh Herbs, Flavorful Feasts: If your deck is conveniently located near your kitchen, consider planting a small herb garden. Not only will this add a touch of life to your deck, but you’ll have fresh herbs readily available to enhance your culinary creations.

Vertical Oasis: For a unique and space-saving approach, consider installing a lattice wall along the side of your house. This vertical garden allows climbing plants to flourish, adding a vibrant touch of color to your deck.

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Deck Furniture for Every Style

Deck furniture is an investment that should reflect your style and enhance your outdoor living experience. When choosing furniture, consider both functionality and aesthetics:

Classic Comfort: Sturdy pieces crafted from wood, steel, aluminum, or recycled plastic provide a timeless foundation for your deck. These materials are built to withstand the elements, ensuring years of enjoyment.

Focal Flair: Don’t be afraid to incorporate a statement piece that ties the entire look together. From full-size couches for ultimate relaxation to benches with built-in storage for added convenience, there’s a perfect piece to suit your needs and budget.


Designing Your Dream Deck: Accents and the Art of Cohesiveness

With a plethora of deck furniture and accent pieces available, it’s wise to establish a design theme before decorating. Knowing your theme before you start will make decorating easier and give your deck a unified design that will make it the perfect summer oasis for you. Once you have your theme, there are all sorts of accent pieces to choose from to help accentuate it. Outdoor rugs, fire pits and bowls, water fountains, paper lanterns, wall art, and throw pillows are just some of the accessories that will help make your deck your own. Here are some tips to get you started:

Color Coordination: Choosing a color palette to guide your selections helps create a cohesive look. Opt for one or two main colors to use throughout your deck décor.

Thematic Inspiration: Consider a specific design style that speaks to you. Bohemian flair with flowing fabrics and colorful throw pillows? Rustic charm with natural wood accents and Adirondack chairs? The possibilities are endless!

Zoning for Harmony: Divide your deck into designated areas for specific functions. Create a dedicated grilling zone, a cozy conversation area with comfortable seating, and a relaxing space with plush throw pillows and a hammock.

Accessorize with Intention: Once you have your theme and designated zones, it’s time to accessorize! Here are some inspiring ideas:

Outdoor rugs: Define different areas and add a touch of color and pattern with weather-resistant outdoor rugs.

Fire pits and bowls: Create a warm and inviting ambiance with a fire pit or a decorative fire bowl that provides both light and warmth on cool summer evenings.

Water features: The soothing sound of trickling water adds a touch of serenity to your deck. Consider a small tabletop fountain or a built-in water feature.

Paper lanterns: String up festive paper lanterns for a touch of whimsy and a magical outdoor lighting effect.

Wall art: Personalize your deck with decorative wall art that reflects your style. Choose weather-resistant materials like metal or treated wood.

Throw pillows: Plush throw pillows add instant comfort and a pop of color to your deck furniture.

Investing in Your Oasis: The Lasting Benefits of Deck Improvement

Focusing on your deck as a form of home improvement not only adds value to your home, but as your deck becomes more comfortable and beautiful, it will also enhance your everyday life. Taking the time to improve your deck isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s an investment in your overall enjoyment of your home. Here are some of the benefits you’ll reap:

  • Increased Value: A well-maintained and stylish deck can significantly increase the resale value of your home.
  • Enhanced Entertaining: Your deck becomes the perfect venue for hosting unforgettable gatherings with friends and family.
  • Relaxation Retreat: Create a tranquil escape in your own backyard, perfect for unwinding after a long day.
  • Year-Round Appeal: With proper care and maintenance, your deck can be enjoyed throughout the year, not just during the summer months.

Apex Exteriors: Your Partner in Deck Perfection

Apex Deck Installation & Repair Services in Chicagoland


At Apex Exteriors, we understand the transformative power of a beautiful deck. From cleaning and staining services to expert advice on design and furniture selection, we’re here to help you create the perfect outdoor oasis.

Contact Apex Exteriors today for a free deck installation or renovation consultation and let’s turn your deck into a summer paradise you’ll love for years to come. We proudly serve the Elgin, IL area and Chicagoland communities.



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