Despite however much you prepare, nature can sometimes still be very damaging. Since your roof is the first line of defense between you and the storm, there is always a chance that your roof will become damaged. When an emergency strikes, your next actions will dictate whether you can safely hold out the storm or create more damage to yourself or your home’s interior. Here are some critical questions you must ask yourself when a roofing emergency happens.

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  • Am I panicking?

Do not panic! If you are panicking and not thinking rationally, you are only wasting precious time to resolve the problem. Your first steps should be taking care of anyone else in vicinity of the damage. Also ensure that nothing else can get damaged or cause greater danger to anyone. You cannot reverse what happened but you can prevent future risk from developing. Contact your insurance provider to discuss what your options are. Remember to keep the number of your roofing experts handy.

  • Should I try to fix it?

It might seem tempting (and glorifying) to prop up a ladder and put a tarp over the damage but please stay off the roof. The roof is highly unstable after storm damage and any additional stress may further damage it. Your life is also in grave danger when you try to access the roof during a storm. Most roofing contractors would also not repair the roof during the storm. They will probably find a temporary solution from the inside.

  • How can I prepare for such an emergency?

Taking some precautions early can help you better handle such a situation. If you notice small leaks or cracks in your roof or ceiling, it might be an indication that you are due for a roofing examination. Always stay stocked on emergency supplies during a large storm. Also plan a safety evacuation route in the event of a serious roof malfunction.

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