Top Energy Efficient Window Replacement Solutions

Energy Efficient Window Replacement Options in chicagoland

Discover the Top Energy Efficient Window Replacement Solutions in Chicagoland

There are many great benefits of upgrading your existing windows to energy-efficient models:

  • You’ll introduce more comfort into your home
  • Reduce the risk of condensation & damp problems
  • Insulate against external sounds
  • Save money on Heating & Cooling

An energy-efficient window replacement is a great investment to reduce the pressure on your air conditioning to keep your home cool. Replacing your windows now will also prepare your home for winter, where your windows will play a big role in reducing heat loss.

While there are so many important reasons to replace your windows, choosing an energy efficient window replacement company isn’t always easy. Between the different types of energy-efficient glass & frames & the different window design options available, weighing up the pros and cons of everything on the market can become overwhelming.

Thankfully, there are some amazing window manufacturers that stand out from the crowd for quality materials, great aesthetics, and incredible energy efficiency. For the ultimate summertime window replacement, take a look at these four options:

Option One: Simonton Windows

For high-quality vinyl windows, Simonton Windows and Doors are a great company to choose. The company has been in operation since 1946, and today specializes in premium windows and doors for all types of property. Their award-winning windows come in a range of popular styles, including double hung, casement, and bay, with a vast number of customization options available.

Energy efficiency is a top priority at Simonton: the company is partnered with ENERGY STAR and offer an ENERGY STAR glass package tailored towards the different climate zones across the country. Simonton can provide windows with Low-E coatings, argon gas, non-metal reinforcement, and spacers. By choosing Simonton, you can create windows with heat gain protection, superior insulation, and low heat transfer.

Option Two: Andersen Windows

Andersen Windows is North America’s largest manufacturer of doors and windows and was the first window company to be awarded the title of ‘ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year’. The company offer a large selection of modern window styles constructed from wood, composite, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. They also offer options for design customization and accessories to create the perfect window for different property styles.

Energy-efficient glass options at Andersen include:

  • Low-E glass
  • Triple and dual pane glass
  • HeatLock coatings that reflect heat
  • SmartSun glass that filters UV rays and blocks the sun’s heat
  • Sun glass that blocks heat
  • PassiveSun glass that allows heat to enter

Frames with high thermal performance are also available at Andersen, giving you plenty of options to customize your energy-efficient window replacement.

Option Three: Marvin Windows

From corner windows to glider windows, you’ll discover a varied and beautiful selection of traditional and modern windows styles at Marvin Windows & Doors. Their eye-catching wooden, everwood, ultrex fiberglass, and extruded aluminum window styles are elegant and energy-efficient, with great exterior finishes, decorative glass, and automation options for a little extra customization.

Marvin Windows & Doors are ENERGY STAR and National Fenestration Rating Council certified. They provide options for dual and triple pane windows, multiple Low-E glass types, and high thermal insulation frames. The company make it easy to learn the U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient rating, and visible transmittance of their windows, so you can make an informed choice on your window replacement.

Option Four: Pella Windows

Pella Windows & Doors combines exceptional energy efficiency with high sound insulation and great value to check all the boxes when it comes to high-quality energy-efficient window replacement. Their wooden windows are stylish and practical, making them a great design choice for modern and traditional properties, and a beneficial choice for homeowners who want advanced features.

The InsulShield glass collection at Pella keeps the cold outside and the heat inside in cold climates, and the heat outside and the cold inside in hot climates. Triple and dual pane windows can be customized with Low-E glass and filled with argon for advanced thermal performance. Pella provides NaturalSun Low-E glass and SunDefence Low-E glass that blocks UV rays, as well as beautiful wooden frames in a range of styles for additional natural insulation.

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