Replacing your old windows with newer, more energy-efficient versions offers a lot of possibility in terms of design. When you’re ready to install replacement windows, you can choose from several different types and styles of framing materials. The lasting effects of replacement windows comes with energy efficiency—these new windows are designed to utilize the best in technology to offer savings and comfort simultaneously.

Materials for Window Frames

Typical and popular options for replacement window frames are vinyl and wood. Both types of materials have key advantages, and your budget and design goals will largely determine which type of window is right for you. Wood-framed windows are beautiful, provide several customizable options, and can add value and beauty to any home. Vinyl windows can offer the look of wood with some styles, and come in an array of shapes and sizes to fit any architectural style.

Window Styles

Installing new windows offers homeowners the opportunity to change their home’s current style in addition to great savings on heating and cooling bills. While you can certainly replace your existing rectangular windows with windows of similar design, you can also try something bold and new to spice up a room that has lost its appeal.

Replacement windows aren’t limited to traditional styles. Transoms, arches, and architectural windows can be used in any part of your home—over doors, in dormers, and to accent your more typical windows. As part of a kitchen makeover, consider the dramatic effect of a bay window or imagine your home’s entry brightened by a transom.

To explore the range of options and styles available to you in replacement windows, visit Apex Exteriors. We carry both wood and vinyl windows from well-known names like Andersen and Marvin. Call us at (847) 961-4601 for more information today.

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