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Exterior Door Services


Exterior Door Installation & Replacement Services in Chicagoland

Modernize Your Property with Stunning Exterior Doors

For a beautiful property, inside and out, exterior renovations couldn’t be more important. To revitalize the look of your property exterior, entry and patio doors can be a highly effective place to start. Doors protect your home, are the primary entryway to your house, and improve property aesthetics, so where better to begin with your exterior home transformation in Chicagoland?
A beautiful, statement front door sets the tone for your whole property. With a modern front door, you can create a warm, welcoming entryway for guests, and a strong security measure to deter would-be intruders. By modernizing your patio doors, you can enjoy improved function, excellent reliability, and amazing aesthetics that flood your home with beautiful natural light.

Apex Exteriors specialize in full exterior property renovations, transforming tired or run-down property exteriors into beautiful, standout additions to every neighborhood. With our expertise and outstanding selection of exterior door varieties, you can bring your home to life through door replacement or installation in Chicagoland.

Transform Your Property with High-Quality Doors from Apex Exteriors

There’s no reason why your home has to blend in with the crowd. With the amazing selection of high-quality, modern functionality doors that we have here at Apex Exteriors, your home can standout as the unique property that it is. Our door options will bring a fresh, new look to your home, and improve the function of the front and back of your property.

Statement Entry Doors

Your entry door says a lot about your home; it sets the standard for security and forms a crucial part of your exterior property aesthetics. As the first thing that guests see when they visit your home, and the last thing that you lock-up when you go out, getting the front door right is essential.
To provide the residents of Chicago, IL with an amazing selection of entry doors to enhance their homes, we install a wide variety of Therma-Thru doors. Therma-Thru doors are aesthetically appealing, but also improve energy efficiency, enhance home comfort, and offer a high performance across the board.

With a new door from Apex Exteriors, you can revolutionize your home environment with an exterior renovation that also improves the inside of your home. As our door choices are also long-lasting, strong, and designed by expert craftsmen, you’ll be able to enjoy the new look and benefits for years to come.

Beautiful Patio Doors

Patio doors are a remarkable property feature that can easily make your house look and feel like a home. The best patio doors combine superior functionality and longevity with outstanding aesthetics to create a breath-taking door that you can rely on.

At Apex Exteriors, we can supply and install a vast range of patio doors to fit all property styles and aesthetic choices. From elegant finishing touches, and low maintenance designs, to large expanses of glass that fill your home with light, you have plenty of design options open to you at Apex Exteriors.

We can install doors from top companies, such as Marvin and Anderson, so you can enjoy the perfect combination of high performance, durability, strength, and design and function. With Apex Exteriors, you’ll never have to settle for a second-best door style or installation.

Get a Unique Property Exterior with Custom-Designed Doors

Apex Exteriors- Door Installation & Repair Experts in Chicagoland

Your doors handle a lot of stress, from opening and closing hundreds of times a week to the harsh elements. Not only do your doors protect your home but also your privacy, so when a repair is necessary, it needs to be done quickly and efficiently. Your doors are essential components to your home; you may have a door that blends perfectly with your home’s style and ambiance, so when you encounter a problem, completely replacing it may not be your go-to option is where our team comes in.

At Apex Exteriors, our team is trained and certified to handle all types of exterior door repairs in Chicagoland. From small to big fixes, our team will examine the door, identify the problem, and come up with a strategy and solution to getting your door back in tip-top shape. If you are experiencing trouble with your doors, contact Apex Exteriors, and our repair team will come directly to you. Each member of our team has experience with all types of exterior doors, so finding the right solution will be done with ease!

Best Door Replacement Company in Chicagoland

Replacing your door has many advantages, and it is something that all homeowners living in the Chicagoland area should think about if their door has been seriously damaged or is outdated. Here is why you should think about replacing your door with Apex Exteriors: 

  • We offer only the best quality doors from top manufacturers
  • Our team will be in and out with the installation of your new door 
  • The replacement door will give your home a beautiful curb appeal 
  • Enhanced security 
  • Reliable and trustworthy door 
  • Improved energy efficiency within your home

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to replacing your door, but how do you know if it’s time? Replacing your door doesn’t necessarily only need to happen if it has suffered severe damages. It could also be to add a new feeling to your home. If you are unhappy with your door’s look and or functionality, it is time to replace it. At affordable rates, Apex Exteriors offers homeowners plenty of options to choose from. Come in to see our experienced team and find the perfect door for you. Our team will then come right to your home with the door, carefully remove the old one, and properly install the new door. Contact us today if you are interested in replacing your door, and we will start the process right away! 

Entry and Patio Door Installation Experts in Chicagoland

You have picked out the perfect door, and now what? If you are not a trained door installer, the process is very difficult, and you run the risk of installing it wrong. If not installed correctly, not only are you losing money on your investment, but you are also opening up the potential for future damages. By choosing Apex Exteriors, the best door installation team in Chicagoland, you are choosing a team of highly trained professional installers with years of experience installing all sizes and styles of patio and entry doors. If you have selected the ideal door for your home, our team will be right there to install it with great care. During your installation, our team: 

  • Thoroughly removes the old door, attachments, and appliances
  • Properly fits the door into place, ensuring that each detail is inline  
  • Double checks that the door is durable and sturdy in place
  • Do the final check-ups and cleans the area

After the installation, our team doesn’t just pack up and run for the hills; we take the time to show the completed project to the customer to make sure they are satisfied with the final outcome.. At Apex Exteriors, we care about the small details to show our customers just how much we care, unlike our competitors. For the best door installations in and around Chicago, contact Apex Exteriors today. 

Apex Exteriors: Exterior Door Installation, Repair, and Replacement Services in Chicagoland

Exterior Door Services in Chicagoland: A Superior Process

Apex Exteriors is a full-service door installation, repair, and replacement company. That means we complete the entire process from start to finish. Starting with your initial conversation with a member of our staff, we work together with you to provide everything you need and more, going above and beyond through the entire process. At Apex Exteriors, we put our customers first, allowing them to have the peace of mind that they chose the team that will complete the project properly and efficiently. Don’t settle for an exterior company that doesn’t have your best interests in mind; choose Apex Exteriors, a company that will work day and night to provide you with nothing less than the best. So, if you are in need of repairs, replacements, or installations, big or small, Apex Exteriors is always in your corner! 

Have the perfect look in mind for your entry or patio door and just waiting for someone to bring it to life? You’re in the right place! Not only do we offer an incredible range of door designs, but also the ability to custom-design your own door.

If your property has a unique aesthetic that you need your door choice to match, or you just want to make your home really stand out, then we can help. Our door customization options cover everything from breathtaking wood paneling to glass-paned doors that combine elegance with strength and durability.

For professional assistance designing your dream entry or patio door, contact Apex Exteriors today.

What Can You Expect from Apex Exteriors?

Apex Exteriors are a local Chicagoland-based exterior renovation company that specialize in exterior transformations, from doors and windows to siding and roofs. When you choose us, you can expect to receive an outstanding service, with:

• A team of friendly, knowledgeable and experienced craftsmen
• Reliable project management with on-time completion
• Dedicated exterior experts, passionate about fulfilling your exterior renovation vision
• Excellent installation on all exterior products
• Results that transform your property

Start your exterior transformation today with a new door that enhances your home, improves security, and increases energy efficiency. Just one call to Apex Exteriors is all that’s needed to get old doors replaced and modern doors installed!

Replacement or new door installation, if your entry or patio door is past its prime, make Apex Exteriors your first point of call – we won’t let you down.