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Apex Exteriors Inc. has been a competitive leader in the exterior home improvement & roofing industry with decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers in the Chicagoland area.

Apex Exteriors and Roofing provides award winning community-focused, professional business operations and customer service with roofing and exterior building services provided by a certified exterior and roofing contractor in Bensenville, IL.

Accompanied with core values ingrained into the day-to-day operations of the Apex Exteriors team The client commitment at Apex Exteriors is held to the highest installation and repair workmanship standards, with guarantee coverage long after the work is completed.

Add Transformational Curb Appeal to Residential Homes & Commercial Building Exteriors

When the exterior of your home or commercial building requires a boost in curb appeal, there’s no better choice than choosing custom Apex Exteriors to transform its look and feel. Giving your home an exterior makeover offers the upgraded look you need is a main priority. Apex Exteriors, Inc. are the residential and commercial contractors you can trust most for all of your exterior and roofing needs in Bensenville.

Highly Reputable Bensenville Roofing Products & Services

The State of  Illinois has a reputation for constantly changing weather. Consequently, it is crucial to have a structurally sound roof that shields your family, friends, customers, visitors, and employees from unpredictable weather elements. As the leader in home and commercial exterior improvement, Apex Exterior, Inc. provides products from the best manufacturers, all backed by industry-leading warranties. 


Roofing Contractor – Professional Roof Inspections in Bensenville

Save in the Long Run with Annual Roof Inspections!

Very few things are more important than the roof over your head. However, for many of us, it’s not something that is always on our mind–until something goes wrong. There’s a simple way to avoid having your roof spring a leak or come crashing down when you least expect it. Contact Apex Exteriors & Roofing services in Bensenville for regular annual roof inspections.

Protect Your Valuable Assets – Fully Backed & Guaranteed Roof Repair Services in Bensenville

After years of wear and tear and protecting you from the challenging Illinois weather, it’s common for your roof not to look its best. Luckily, Apex Exteriors is here to change that. 

Apex, home and commercial exteriors company provides  services, guaranteed to have your roof looking great and completely functional again in no time.

The Apex Exteriors & roofing services team are experienced roofing contractors in Bensenville, IL. Fully equipped, trained, and skilled exterior renovation services to improve your property’s structural integrity while making it look as appealing as possible. After all, your house or commercial building isn’t really safe unless your friends, family, employees, and visitors have a secure, engaging roof over their heads.

Apex Exteriors is proud to work with leading manufacturers, having a wide selection of the best roofing materials and contractors, fully trained to repair a range of exterior projects and roofing systems. When you are faced with a problem regarding your commercial or residential roof in Bensenville, IL, Apex Exteriors boasts the #1 roofing repair specialists in the area.

Highest-Quality Bensenville Roof Replacement & Installations

Apex Exteriors provides installation of residential and commercial roofing systems in Bensenville, IL, and throughout the Chicagoland area. Accompanied with the highest-quality roofing products in the industry. What sets us apart from other roofing companies in the area is the quality of service. Serving both residential and commercial properties, the Apex Exteriors, Inc. professional and expert roofing team  are backed by decades of industry experience. The team at Apex Exteriors always stays up to date on the latest innovations and safety standards. Additionally, Apex Exteriors & Roofing Services in Bensenville, IL always takes the time to educate customers on their options when it comes to roofing materials and preservation tips. Whether you are planning to replace an old, rotting roof or install a complete roofing system, Apex roofing technicians in Bensenville have you covered.

Energy Efficient Window Replacement & Installation Services

The Apex Exterior Windows team has the experience to provide outstanding recommendations of available window styles and designs alongside expert window installation and replacements technicians assigned to the Bensenville area.

Correctly chosen, few expenses will add more value to a home or commercial building than new windows.

It is essential to understand that the actual value in windows is a combination of excellence, thermal efficiency, and performance. That is why Apex carries windows only from top manufacturers and installed by a skilled team of professionals. 

  • Simonton Windows
  • Anderson Windows
  • Marvin Windows
  • Pella Windows

Apex Exteriors: Window Installation Services in Bensenville

Once you have the windows of your dreams, we will come directly to project location, safely remove the existing windows, and install highly efficient windows with utmost care and skilled precision.

Before any work is done, the crew will inspect the areas of installation to proper for challenges such as: 

  • Differences in wall materials 
  • The thickness of the wall 
  • Different types of casings
  • Unforeseen structural damage

After a quick inspection, if the project is ready to go, the team will start the fast process of getting windows installed.

Do you have any questions about what to expect? Contact us

Residential Gutter Maintenance & Gutter Replacement Services for Bensenville Homeowners

The staff at Apex Exteriors knows that gutters are part of a complete roofing system and provide the ultimate gutters designed to combat the elements such as heavy rain, pine needles, high winds, drainage, freeze, and snow.

When it comes to your gutters, you need a team to provide constant maintenance to protect your residential and commercial property. Additionally, when your current gutter system isn’t functioning to the standards you require, Apex gutter technicians will safely replace the current system with a new and updated one that lasts.

Bensenville Expert Exterior Siding Repair & Replacement

Apex Exteriors are known as the experts in siding. Keeping the curb appeal of your business and residence looking better than ever is what each technician strives for. As one of the first defenses against the elements, siding needs constant attention. Whether it be from wear and tear or the need for a complete overhaul and new design, the options our company provides are among the best on the market. Improve your home or commercial building with dependable and gorgeous siding at Apex Exteriors.

To accompany exterior siding repair and replacement services, choose the siding product that suits your needs with a wide selection of various siding materials we carry. Talk with one of an Apex exterior siding specialists to help choose the perfect siding for your home or commercial building.

Stylish Cultured Stone Veneer Options + Professional Installation Services for Bensenville Homes & Commercial Buildings

For years, incorporating brick or stone veneer elements have been a signature of quality and style in exterior commercial and home design throughout Bensenville, IL. Now, we are inspired to spread the idea amongst homes and businesses that improving curb appeal and exterior by adding stone or brick veneer is something that will allow for your property to stand out. With a wide selection of cultured stone material, a cultured stone specialist will help you pick out the best option for any building, come directly to you to install it, and allow you and those who walk by to enjoy its beauty.

Contact Apex Exteriors for the Best Roofing Services & Building Exterior Solutions Provided in Bensenville, IL

At Apex Exteriors, we provide home and business owners with high-quality roofing and exterior renovation services with expert roofing & exterior contractors that complete every job with the highest-level efficiency, skill and professionalism.

Therefore, when you select us for your roofing and exterior projects, you are choosing the best company in Bensenville, IL and the Chicagoland area to work with. Contact Apex Exteriors today.