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The patio door can be the gateway to your beautiful backyard. With kids and barbecues, it has the potential of a lot of traffic. It will bring in amazing natural light helping you get the right start to your morning. So let’s review some options for doors so that you can find the one that is meant to be in your home.

Swinging vs. Sliding

Swinging (hinged) doors can have the extra open look. They typically come in pairs and you can open them together and add to that openness feeling to your home. Sliding doors can be nice where you don’t have to worry about where you put the furniture. In other words, there doesn’t need to be a certain distance to keep for the furniture as the door will not be swung open.


There are many options for the material used as well.

1. Wood.


Of course there are many options just for wood depending on the type of wood that you are looking for. For instance, do you want tree from an oak, fir or pine tree? Would you like it dark or light:

2. Vinyl.


Here is a strong material made of plastic. It can handle the weather. Don’t expect the color to fade or material to rot.

3. Fiberglass.

Fiber French

This gives you the look and feel of glass, with less maintenance. It can handle any type climate.

4. Steel.

This option is durable and strong. They can also handle most climates and are designed to resist rust.

5. Aluminum.

Aluminum Sliding Door

Another strong material, yet also lightweight. May also be a good option for your wallet and does well against corrosion.

When making the choice on the patio doors, Apex exteriors will help make it great! You can turn to your Naperville Vinyl Wood Windows of the Chicagoland area for confidence in making the final decision.

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Feel Confident Choosing Apex

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