Gutters – Care Tips for Fall and When to Seek Professional Help

Gutters Care Tips

With the looming approach of the Fall Season, many of us are looking forward to the vibrant colors of nature, family gatherings, thanksgiving, and so much more. However, the change of seasons can potentially negatively impact your home. Trees dying means leaves, sticks, and other debris falling off our roofs and eventually into our gutters. That is why we have outlined a few Gutters care tips to maintain your gutters and when to know it’s time to call a professional. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Are Gutters Important?

Why Are Gutters Important?Throughout Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, the elements put your home through a lot, such as heavy snow and rain. However, with each season’s changing, leaves, sticks, and other debris are falling. Without cleaning your gutters, there is the potential for clogging problems that directly damage your home’s roof and foundation. This is how:

  • If water and other debris can’t escape from the roof, then it could develop leaks and the possibility of a complete collapse.
  • If water and other debris don’t flow far away from the property, that water can seep into the soil and your home, damaging the foundation and possible floods.

Gutters Care Tips

If you haven’t checked your gutters yet this year, now is the time to do it. While they may not be something you normally think about, they are extremely important and should be taken care of constantly and with the right tools.

1. Examine the Water Flow of Your Gutter System

Gutters can be tricky sometimes as they may look undamaged and in excellent condition from the outside. However, there can still be issues in the lower position of the system. The main culprits that cause these particular conditions include:

  • Heavy rain
  • Heavy snowfall
  • Hail
  • Wind gusts
  • Extreme heat

You can easily check whether or not the water flow of your gutter system is flowing properly. All you have to do is pour a sufficient amount of water through your gutter system. Then, you will be able to see if the full amount comes through swiftly or if it just trickles out.

2. Keep Checking the Conditions of Your Gutters

Keep Checking the Conditions of Your GuttersWhile it may be an obvious point, especially when it comes to gutter maintenance, ensure you continuously examine the condition of your gutters. Even the best, most reliable systems need maintenance at least once a year. A quick inspection of your gutters will help you understand what is required to clean and maintain them. If you cannot have a good view of your gutters, we advise you to call the professionals. They will be able to safely inspect your gutters from the roof.

3. Make Sure Your Roof is Clean

Most of the debris in your gutters comes from the roof. Therefore, it’s ideal for clearing the roof of any debris so that your gutters continue to perform properly. Using a hard bristled brush to remove any loose debris by safely going up onto the roof. Make sure that any debris you remove is put directly into the garbage bag. Take advantage of this time to check for any cracks in your roofing.

4. Use the Best Tools for the Job

Use the Best Tools for the JobBefore you start your gutter cleaning and maintenance, you better be prepared to tackle the problem ahead. If you want to clean the gutters correctly, a detailed selection of equipment will make the job easier and protect your well-being.

  • Protective equipment – First, ensure you are wearing waterproof clothing, eye protection, and boots with a good grip.
  • Hand Brush – This will make it easier for you to get any stuck debris loose.
  • Bristled broom – Once the debris is loose, a broom can collect the bulk of it.
  • Large garbage bag – You don’t want to leave any debris on the roof; make sure to collect it all and put it into a garbage bag.
  • A ladder and a friend go hand in hand for your gutter cleaning needs. First, you need a reliable ladder to climb to your roof, and you also need a friend to secure your safety!

While maintaining your gutters is essential, ensure that you do so carefully. If you feel as though you are not sure if you can complete the project, then call the professionals!

 5. Perform Regular Maintenance

We get it; the gutters of your home are not your #1 priority. However, they are a tool that significantly protects the foundation and structure of your residence. So, cleaning the gutters at least twice a year is ideal. If you clean your gutters in the spring, they are guaranteed to be easier to clean when fall comes around. In addition, cleaning two times a year will help stop moss and other bacteria from taking hold and allow it to break down easier when cleaning.

Call Professionals for Gutter Cleaning Service

Keeping up with your gutters can be time-consuming and, in some ways, dangerous when not done correctly (even when you have these Gutters Care Tips handy with you).  It’s definitely always a good idea to call professionals for cleaning them.

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