Purchasing a new roof is one of the larger investments that you will make during your time as a homeowner. Standard roofs will need to be replaced anywhere between 20 and 50 years, depending on the roofing materials that are used. In addition to the steps below, it is recommended that you should have your roof professionally inspected twice per year. When your roof begins to go bad, a whole host of issues can begin to take place without much warning, so Apex Exteriors wants to make sure that you’re prepared to do the appropriate inspections. Visit Apex Exteriors at or call 847.961.4601.

Interior Checkpoints

  • Sagging Ceilings

Sagging ceilings can be a serious buildup of water or other debris under your roofline, in attics or crawlspaces.

  • Water Damage or Leaks

Water damage can be in the form of moldy spots or clear waterlines.

  • Dark Spots

Dark spots can also indicate water damage or mold growth due to moisture.

  • Light Show-Through

If light is showing through from the exterior, you have a significant damage spot, which should be covered immediately by a tarp until you can obtain professional patching.

Exterior Checkpoints

  • Cracked, Torn, or Missing Shingles

Visible shingle damage should be covered with a tarp and addressed right away.

  • Loose Roofing Materials

These roofing materials are likely coming loose as a result of adhesive issues. You may be able to have the area patched rather than replacing the entire roof.

  • Wear Around Chimney, Vents, or Pipes

Older roofs are prone to begin wearing first in areas around out-shoots. Check all these areas to get an idea of the health of the overall roof.

  • Shingle Granules in Gutters

Shingle granules will look like grainy or gritty sand.

  • Moisture, Rot or Mold

Keep in mind that these may not be occurring in an obviously damaged spot, as water will travel to the lowest point before doing the majority of its damage.

  • Gutters & Downspouts

Ensure that gutters and downspouts are secure, which will keep water draining from the roof appropriately. If they’re not secure, make sure the portion of the roof that they are servicing is intact.

  • Bath, Kitchen, & Dryer Vents

Make sure that these vents are all properly insulated and that they are discharging completely outside the roof, rather than leaking beneath the roof’s surface.

Apex Exteriors Inc. is a top contracting company in the Chicagoland area, with exterior residential and commercial contractors who you can trust. Visit Apex Exteriors online at or call 847.961.4601.

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