Halloween is an exciting time of the year to not only dress up your kids but dress up your house. With a little imagination you can easily turn your dainty, little home into a haunted mansion. There are, however, a few things you should consider before jumping into such a fun decorating project. These considerations include getting your roof checked out by your South Elgin Roof Repair to make sure that your roof is sturdy enough for hanging skeletons and giant spiders. Your roof should also be strong enough to hold you up as you skillfully hang Halloween lights. Read on for more Halloween rooftop decorating advice.

Using Your Roof To Decorate For Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and you may wish to start decorating your home for the big event. Most people use their front porches for decorating, as this is where children and parents come to trick-or-treat. If you are extremely festive and want to have a home that will be the talk of the town, consider utilizing your roof to add an extra Halloween scene. Here are some instructions on how to make a spooky corner of your roofing.

Make Sure It Is Safe

Before you start this project, make sure that your roofing is safe and that it is structurally sound to hold the weight of your decorations. Do a check of the shingles for molding and any damage. If there is something that does not look right, contact Apex Ext roofers to take a look. You will want to do this anyway before the cold of winter. If everything looks sound enough for you to be able to walk around on your roof, you can start decorating!

Planning Your Project

Decorating your roof works best if there are two tiers of roofing. Use the bottom tier for the decorations. There are usually windows above the level that can be used for coming in and out and for easy placement of your scenery. Grab whatever materials you will need for your project and look for the easiest way to place them on your roof.


Lighting will be very important when decorating. Using a spot light to showcase your scene can be a big help. You can buy a small spotlight at your local hardware store. You could buy a flickering light at a party store if you want to make the area more noticeable. You could also use Halloween lights, which are like Christmas lights, but in orange and purple colors. You will need an extension cord to run out of a window to the lighting.

Spooky Figures

Use old clothing and stuff them with leaves to make people-like figures or creatures. You can use Halloween costumes to put over the clothing if you want to dress up your spooky creatures. A witch would look very scary on your roof. Or perhaps a vampire. The possibilities are many. After deciding what the creatures will be, and dressing the bodies, you will need to use a mask for the head. If you do not have masks available, you can use pumpkins or basketballs or anything round that you can prop up on top of the clothing.


After placing your figures, use a couple of props to make the scene scary. Perhaps a cauldron with the use of a fog machine to make it look realistic. Or a stuffed black cat looking down into your yard from the corner of the roof. Use synthetic spider webs to adorn all the items you place on your roof. This will make it very scary and the lighting will bounce off the threads making it shimmer. Have fun with your decorating and use your imagination! The roof is a great place to showcase your creativity!

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