Proper ventilation of the roof and attic space is essential to the comfort and health of a home’s residents, as well as to the function and lifespan of the roof itself. If you are uncertain about the efficacy of your roof’s ventilation, run through this checklist before hiring a professional roofer to make any changes you may need.

Attic Floor Sealing

Is your attic floor sealed? Is it sealed completely? Before you install bulk insulation material, you should double and triple check that there are no air leaks in the attic floor, as they will make any bulk insulation you install less effective, running up your energy bill and detracting from your home comfort.

Top Plate Insulation

In a properly vented home, enough bulk insulation is installed above the top plate so that its R-value is at least as high as that of the wall assembly. This can help you capitalize on your home’s structural barrier to the elements.

Space between Roof and Insulation

While a thick layer of bulk insulation installed over an airtight attic floor can significantly impact a home’s energy consumption, it is crucial that at least an inch or two of space remains between the top of this layer of insulation and the roof for venting.

Soffit Ventilation

Soffit vents are essential for proper ventilation of the attic. Check to see that these vents are located as close to the outer edge of the soffit as possible, as they are less likely to waste energy or cause ice dams when they are out of the range of the flow of warmer air coming from a heating unit.

Attic Pressurization

The most efficient attic vents are slightly pressurized, with the bulk of the ventilation space centered around the eaves. A power fan can make attic pressurization a breeze.

As a Master Craftsman accredited business with more than 30 years of dedicated service to the Naperville, Northbrook, and Glenview communities, Apex Exteriors knows roofing systems inside and out. If you think that your roof is either poorly ventilated or too exposed to the elements, call (888) 884-1328. We will be happy to inspect your roof and attic and provide you with highly effective solutions.

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