Six Signs That You Need a New Roof

It’s a rainy night, and you’re curled up in bed. Suddenly, you feel a drip. You look up. To your horror, you see water coming in through the ceiling. Your roof is leaking. Your mind begins with swarm with visions of long and costly repairs. While a leaky ceiling is one of the most obvious indications that you might need a new roof, there are other ways to tell if your roof is damaged. Here are six signs that you need a new roof:

1. Light Coming in Through the Roof
If you’re in your attic and notice daylight coming in through the roof, that’s a sign that the roof is not intact. Failing to repair the roof can expose you to leaks.

2. Water Stains on Ceilings
These brown and yellow stains aren’t merely ugly. They also indicate that your roof might be leaking. It can be tough to locate the source of a leak, so you should consult a roofing contractor to help solve the problem.

3. Missing Tiles or Shingles
Missing tiles and shingles are like missing teeth. They’re not just aesthetically disturbing, but they’re also a cause for concern. Missing tiles or shingles will need to be replaced.

4. Suspicious Dark Spots
If you notice any dark patches on the outside of your roof, this might be mold or fungus, which could indicate moisture damage to the roof. Hire a roofing professional to help you find out where moisture is getting in.

5. Cupped Shingles
Cupped shingles could indicate that your attic isn’t properly vented. The resulting heat from the attic can contribute to the cupping, or curling, of your roof’s shingles. Cupped shingles are worn out and will expose you to leaks.

6. Shingle Granules in Your Gutters
Granules are like sun-block for your shingles. They protect the shingles from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Without these granules, the shingles can crack and deteriorate. If lots of granules are collecting in your gutters, then this is a sign that the shingles are old and need to be replaced.

While the above signs are often reliable indicators that you need a new roof, it’s important to seek professional advice before deciding to replace your roof. Apex Exteriors specializes in providing roofing in Chicagoland, and we’ll be able to give you an accurate and professional assessment of the condition of your roof. “No repair job is too big or too small”

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