Insurance Replacement & Repair

No matter where you are in the process of your insurance claim, our company will help support you in moving the process forward with speed and ease. The process is complex and redundant when done on your own, and our adjusters know how to get things moving and the differences between various insurance companies. 

Our exterior inspectors are trained to identify all types of weather-related damage. An inspection with one of our crew members will determine if your affected exterior will qualify for free repairs or replacements from your insurance company. We are a local company and know the area and the problems that the Illinois weather can cause to the exterior of your building, helping you get necessary repairs without reaching into your pocket.

Last Updated on May 27, 2022 by ApexRoofingServices

Sick of the door knockers?


Sick of Fly-By-Night door knockers that aren’t from the area? We operate out of South Elgin, IL with our own brick and mortar building and warehouse! We’re a very well established company with decades of experience in the Chicago Metropolitan area!