When we start to see thawed snow dripping from the roof and collecting under gutter downspouts, in addition to the warm weather excitement we should also be spending time doing a “spring checkup” on our homes. We’ve reviewed a few potential hazards, ways to prevent them, and what to do if they happen to you! To learn more about the products and services that we offer, visit Apex Exteriors at or call 847.961.4601.

  • Ice Damming: Ice damming is a buildup of ice in the eaves. This buildup could cause broken eaves, backed up water, roof leaks, and cracking around the seal of your roof. To prevent ice damming from happening to you, clear snow if six or more inches has accumulated. Install an ice/water shield on your eaves. You could also consider insulating more thoroughly beneath your roofline to try to prevent snow from thawing and turning into ice from the interior heat exposure.

To diagnose damming ice in your eaves, look for areas of excessive icicles. If you do experience ice damming, contact a roof care professional as soon as possible. Clearing the dammed ice in a safe way early on can keep your home from damage.

  • Burst Exterior Pipes: There are two types of exterior pipes that could burst: garden hose or other exterior water source pipes and interior pipe exits. To prevent exterior pipe bursts, install frost-free bibs or connection covers.

To diagnose a burst exterior pipe, check all garden hose connections and interior pipe exits for thick cracks or a bubble-type growth on top of the connection. If you do have a burst pipe, a professional will need to come replace the damaged portion,

  • Basement Flooding: To prevent basement flooding, clear snow away from all basement windows and exterior doors. Also make sure all gutters have redirects away from your home so that fast-melting and evacuating snow does not build up around your foundation. Confirm that your home’s slope grade is in good shape.

If you do have a basement flood, contact a professional right away to prevent foundation damage. Installing a dehumidifier may be another helpful measure in this situation.

Apex Exteriors Inc. is a top contracting company in the Chicagoland area, with exterior residential and commercial contractors who you can trust. Visit Apex Exteriors online at or call 847.961.4601.

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