Whether it be your front door, back door, closet doors or room doors, most doors go years without being cleaned. Which is kind of funny because they get used a lot. Perhaps they appear to be a hassle to clean or they are just not at the top of our priority cleaning list. Whatever the case may be, it wouldn’t hurt to dust and wipe those babies down every now and again. Here are a few simple instructions to make the job easier to do. And remember, if you ever need a door, roof or siding replacement just call your South Elgin professionals here at Apex Ext (servicing all of Chicagoland) and we’ll come right to your rescue. Now on with the instructables.


Your front door is not only the most used door in the house, it is also on display to your neighborhood 24/7. These two things mean that your front door should be the cleanest but is more often than not the dirtiest door to clean. That’s okay, though, because the process of removing all the gunk and grime is pretty simple. Begin with a thorough dusting all over the door including the top end and the side with the hinges. After dusting, scrub the door down using a light dish soap and water mixture and dry it off with heavy-duty paper towels. If your front door has a stain finish then you may want to wax or polish the surface using the appropriate furniture solution. If your door has a painted surface then you should make sure that your cleaning solution is diluted so that the paint won’t rub off.


Thankfully the interior doors are much less dirty and less acknowledged then your front door. Although the stress of cleaning your interior doors is far less than the urge to clean the front door, it’s important to avoid putting off cleaning them. For the most part, cleaning the interior doors of your home include dusting, and scrubbing off scuff marks with water and diluted dish soap. If you’re not sure if your door can handle the cleaning products you are using, try cleaning a small portion of the door and see how the finish responds. Wipe it all down with paper towels.


Cleaning glass doors is like cleaning windows or mirrors, except sometimes they’re can be a bit dirtier. Begin by dusting is down and then cleaning it with water and dish soap mixture, like you did with the other doors. Then use the same glass cleaner that you use on mirrors and windows to give it that extra shine. For really tough smudges you can use diluted vinegar to gently scrub it out. Also using scrap paper or newspaper will help you avoid streaks on the door.

Make the most out of your doors, wherever they may be located in your home. You don’t have to be constantly cleaning them and you don’t have to clean them all at once. Take your time, do them when you can. As long as you clean them a few times a year you can be satisfied with the way they complete your home.

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