It’s important to maintain your roof to keep it lasting as long as it can. While eventually, upkeep and repair will no longer be cost-effective or useful in preventing leaks from happening, a full replacement might be necessary from your Hoffman Estate roof repair experts here at Apex Ext, serving through Chicagoland.

Following this checklist below may help you extend the life of your roof. If you have any questions or would like us to give a professional inspection of your roof, give us a call at 847-961-4601 (Illinois) or 608-492-6502 (Wisconsin).



Low slope roof – splitting, blistering or ridging of the roof membrane Usually the result of stress, or possibly from aging. Varying types of these issues can be more evident in the hot and cold weather.
Low slope roof – missing gravel (called ballast) When ballast is missing, it reduces the life of the roof because ballast protects the membrane from weather and ultraviolet light which can cause damage to the roof.
Asphalt shingles – missing granules and roll roofing Causes can be from excessive wind, tree branches too close to roof and even too much foot traffic. Too little granules can reduce the life of a roof as well as affect its appearance.
Broken, cracked, missing or curled shingles / tiles Repair damage quickly. If the shingles have curled, it might mean they are too old and need to be replaced.
Excessive algae or moss growth Too much moss can eventually cause premature failure of shingles on steep-slope roofs, and of particular types of membranes on low-slope roofs.
Irrelevant objects on roof Remove quickly so they do not cause a puncture on membrane or roofing material.
Damaged or missing flashings, gutters, sealants/caulking, downpipes and drain baskets All these issues should be replaced or repaired immediately to prevent bigger problems like damage to walls or other building components.
Ponding (standing water) on the roof Usually the result of poorly positioned or blocked drains. If allowed to stay, this ponding water to speed up the degradation of roofing membranes.
Backed up downspouts or overflowing gutters When gutters and downspouts are blocked by debris, it can allow for water backing up and overflowing against another wall and cause water damage.
Overflowing scuppers or overflow pipe This is an indication that the primary roof drains are blocked, resulting in water spilling onto the ground below usually next to entrances and other obvious places.
Damage or staining on the ceiling or walls inside Act quickly if this is seen. It may be an indication that water is leaking from the above roof. Use caution as the ceiling might be retaining a reservoir of water.
Black staining on wood of the mortar joints of the attic This could be from a blocked attic ventilation or air leaking from the inside into the attic. This issue would need detailed inspection because quite a bit of damage could occur to the structure of the roof over time.

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