Despite its overwhelming importance, the roof is often neglected by homeowners when it comes to aesthetics.  One of the largest decisions you’ll need to make as a conscientious property owner is picking a type of material to use on your roof. The following article describes a few of the most common roofing materials and the common problems associated with each.


A common way to dress a roof is with asphalt shingles.  Asphalt can be found in both organic and fiberglass varieties, either makes for a durable roofing material. These do require eventual replacement, which is something to keep in mind when you have your roofer install them. There are also several designer architectural shingles that can add extra life and a striking look to any roof.

Flat Roof

Flat roofs require special care, as they tend to accumulate moisture and debris more readily than any other type of roof.  As such, professional roofers should be in charge of installing management systems, like drainage and gutter guards. With the help of your roofer, any flat roof or flat area of your roofing can perform to expectations and last throughout the years.


One of the more aesthetically pleasing roofing materials, cedar is unmatched in its looks. Cedar is strong material, but it is known to incur a little damage every now and then. It generally isn’t affected by mold or algae growth thanks to the application of natural oils that inhibit rot and organic material proliferation.

Slate & Tile

This type of roofing comes in a wide variety of materials, from concrete or natural stone to metal. This is one of the strongest materials and it generally doesn’t need too much attention in order to last a very long time.

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