If you’re getting ready to replace your front door with a more attractive and secure model, then be sure to check out the entry doors offered by Therma-Tru, one of the most trusted manufacturers of fiberglass and steel doors. For over two decades, Therma-Tru has been pushing the boundaries when it comes to creating energy-efficient, durable, and chic front doors. When browsing through their large collection, you will quickly find that there are countless ways to customize a door, whether that be by adding decorative glass or electing for an elegant embossing design. The latter has the ability to transform a standard steel door surface into a chic facade that resembles wood paneling.

When it comes to keeping your family safe from burglars or intense weather, few entry door manufacturers are as successful as Therma-Tru. They employ their signature Tru-Defense door system to reduce the damage posed by water, wind, or flying objects like broken tree branches. An added bonus of this system is that it increases your home’s overall energy-efficiency. If you’d like to learn more about your options for new doors, windows, and siding, call Apex Exteriors at (888) 884-1328.

Last Updated on April 18, 2017 by ApexRoofingServices

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