There comes a time when you will need to have your home’s siding replaced.  Fortunately, a new set of siding can add curb appeal to your home and potentially increase your real estate’s value.  Additionally, new siding will save you from incurring costly repairs down the road. Siding has a set lifespan and older homes will eventually experience wear and tear that becomes more evident as the years pass.  Keep an eye out for the following sides when determining whether your home needs new siding.

  • Older vinyl siding will wear. Vinyl siding that was installed several years ago tends to show its age with yellowing, cracking, and warping. It can also peel, leaving behind some rather unsightly patches. Today’s vinyl siding is much more durable, environmentally friendly, and remains a good economical alternative to other forms of siding when you’re on a strict budget.


  • Wood and other natural sidings can rot. It is a sad fact, but older wood and other organic types of siding are susceptible to water damage and rotting. Piled-up snow can do a number on the siding along your foundation, especially when paired with salt that many homeowners use to melt snow. Replacing this type of siding with a newer and more advanced form of the same material will provide the appearance you seek with extended life and additional good looks. 


  • Longevity is key. If you know it’s time to replace your siding, consider engineered stone veneer as an alternative. This is one of the most sophisticated and striking looks available and one of the strongest materials available. Your home can withstand hail and storm damage easily and, as with any proper siding installation, it can even enjoy a boost in energy efficiency.

Contact Apex Exteriors carries many types of attractive siding to fit any budget. Visit us online to explore our selection or call us at (847) 961-4601 to learn more about your siding options.

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