This past month at Apex Exteriors, Inc. we completed a siding project where we used James Hardie fiber cement to beautifully side a home. By putting siding on the home, the homeowner increases the value of her home and saves on energy bills making it a twofold win for her. Below are a few pictures from the process.

Home Before New Siding


Home During Work


Extra Protection

As you can see from the images, at Apex Exteriors, Inc. we take extra precautions to ensure the entire process goes smoothly. One example is our use of siding underlayments. Siding underlayments are made of materials that are moisture resistant and perforated, allowing moisture vapors to escape. They will not absorb water, do not mold and are not deteriorate due to moisture. Siding underlayments installed by Apex Exteriors, Inc. lay flat, so siding has a smooth, even finish.

Maintaining Interior Temperatures

Properly installed siding makes it much easier to maintain your home’s interior temperatures. Poorly installed siding leads to heat leaking out during the winter months and cold air during the summer, both increasing your home’s energy bills. Your hating and cool system will also have to work harder to maintain interior temperatures, potentially shortening the heating and cooling system’s life.

Adding Insulation

Homes that lack proper insulation lose money as hot air escapes through improperly installed walls. Once the initial home construction is completed, it’s very hard and costly to install insulation since you would need to open your walls back up. It’s an easy process to install exterior insulation once old siding is removed from the home. Once the exterior insulation is installed the new siding gets installed, giving you a well-insulated home. Doing that will save you money in the long run on energy bills.

Apex Exteriors, Inc. Siding Services

Depending on the size of your home the entire process is very quick, the home in the images took about a week to complete. At Apex Exteriors, Inc. we are homeowners too and understand the importance of home repair and improvement projects being completed in a timely manner to minimize the effect on the homeowner’s day-to-day.

If you have questions, are interested in a quote or know you’re ready to go we are happy to talk to you. We can be reached at 847-961-4601, or you can submit a contact form. We specialize in Cement Board Siding, Natural Cedar Siding, Vinyl Composite “Look Alike” Cedar Siding, Wood Shakes Siding, Aluminum Siding, Insulated Siding and Non-Insulated Siding.


If you’re not sure new siding is in your budget or if you current siding is damaged and needs immediate repairs we do offer financing plans. We have partnered with Wells Fargo Retail Services to offer our easy to play for home financing. Thanks to our financing program you’re able to get needed repairs taken care of immediately without worrying about paying for them. You can replace your old siding for new siding and see an immediate decrease on your utility bills. Call us at 847-961-4601 for more information on our financing packages.


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