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Apex Exteriors offers professional roof repair in Aurora, IL. We attend to each job with the intention of restoring a roof to a like-new condition. Licensed, insured and highly reputable, many trust us to find solutions to their roofing problems. Make the same choice, and we’re sure that you won’t regret.

With us, you’ll be able to reverse years of neglect. In addition, we will do our best to ensure that you won’t need a roof replacement. Some roofs are beyond mere repair, but that’s only true for other roofers. Let us do the work so that we can find alternative solutions.

As a roofing repair contractor, we’ll be the first one to encourage our customers to be more responsible for their roofs. It’s one of the most important parts of every home, and in the context of repairs, it’s also one of the most expensive to restore. This is a theme we encounter with our most recent customers, and if we can, we want to avoid it happening to you.

This is where we come in. Apex Exteriors has a lot to be proud of in our services. Our roofers can openly admit that their first job is to help customers, not dictate what they need. Though they are the ones with the expertise, they still evaluate the situation thoroughly before advising the best method of approach. More than that, our commitment to good service goes further, as our team is in continuous pursuit of the most recent roofing developments.

We mean to assist our customers with all aspects of roof repair. We won’t miss a thing when it comes to roof repair and painting, put equal importance on each phase of the project, and if it comes to it, provide an objective explanation of why roof replacement is the best choice.

With us, you can be confident that we’ll bring the best out of your roofing budget. Contact Apex Exteriors for more information.


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Apex Exteriors, Inc. is one of the leading home improvement contractors in the Chicago area. For over 30 years, we have provided affordable, quality exterior home improvement products and services, including siding replacement, siding repair, siding maintenance and siding installation throughout the Northern Illinois, Chicagoland and Madison, Wisconsin region. With many experienced home improvement specialists ready to serve you, Apex Exteriors, Inc. can help homeowners with the finest product lines of siding and other home improvement lines. Our personalized service, quality workmanship, and commitment to excellence make us the right home improvement contractors to call for all of your home improvement needs. Our team is highly skilled and experienced. All our siding work is completed in a clean, courteous and professional manner by our trained siding installers. Apex Exteriors, Inc. carries on its long history of serving its customers with fairness, honesty and integrity. By following these basic principles, Apex Exteriors, Inc. has continued to grow and prosper, as hundreds of satisfied Chicagoland homeowners have told their friends, colleagues and family members about the superb service and workmanship of Apex Exteriors, Inc. In fact, this is why our loyal Aurora clients continue to seek out our advice and service whenever they are tackling a home improvement project. Recently, many Aurora customers have called us to update their homes with new and improved siding or first-time siding installation. Their past experience with our company has been positive and rewarding, and they intend to bring their return business to us again and again.

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Aurora, Illinois is referred to as “The City of Lights.” It is the second largest city in the State, and the 112th largest city in the United States. As a part of the Chicago metropolitan area, its population is nearly 200,000. Aurora is located within Kane, DuPage, Kendall and Will Counties and is located 35 miles west of Chicago. Aurora is the largest city in Kane County with about 100,000 of its citizens located in Kane County. The DuPage portion of Aurora contains about 60,000 residents, and Will and Kendall Counties account for only a few thousand of Aurora’s total population. The median income for a family in Aurora is about $71,000. The median home value is priced at almost $240,000. In 2010, CNN noted that Aurora was the fastest growing city in the United States. With the rapid growth rate of Aurora, many people have been engaged in home-improvement projects. They have been bringing their business to the professionals at Apex Exteriors, Inc. They know that they will receive the most expert installation and the finest siding replacement products on the market – both at affordable prices.

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Apex Exteriors, Inc. considers their employees, working as a committed team of professionals to be their most valuable resource. They believe that it is only by their performance, dedication and achievements that Apex Exteriors, Inc. remains a successful company. We strive for the kind of dependable, friendly service provided by our employees to anticipate and exceed our customers’ expectations. Furthermore, our commitment is to offer innovative products of the highest quality and workmanship that represent the best value in the marketplace. Our siding replacement products provide enduring beauty and design flexibility. By utilizing a variety of siding styles, colors, accessories and trim, Apex Exteriors, Inc. can update its customers’ ranch homes, add character to colonial homes or even restore Victorian homes to their original splendor. Moreover, our customers are able to select siding that will be consistent with their homes’ designs and blend into the neighboring environment. Apex Exteriors, Inc.’s broad array of siding styles and colors complements any architectural style. From classic colonial clapboard to the distinctive charm of natural cedar shakes, you can choose the look that best suits your taste and design vision. Siding installation is a great investment! Residing a home is among the top ten remodeling projects in terms of overall payback. It adds value to your home and it makes your home more energy efficient. Call Apex Exteriors, Inc. , today, to discover what we can do for you by installing new, low maintenance siding on your home.


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Apex Exteriors, Inc. offers our Northern Illinois, Chicagoland and Madison, Wisconsin customers 30 years of unparalleled service and competitive prices. We understand that you, our valued customers, have many exterior remodeling companies to choose from, and we consider it an honor that you have chosen our company above all our competitors to assist you in improving your home. We are a well-established, regionally owned and operated company that has been providing roofing, gutters, windows, and doors to both residential and commercial establishments. Apex Exteriors, Inc. guarantees that your upcoming window repair, window replacement or window installation project will be handled with professionalism and care from start to finish. We realize that the elements can take a huge toll on your home and cause costly damage to your windows. If your home’s windows have suffered the inevitable wear and tear of too much rain, heat and freezing temperatures, it’s time to call Apex Exteriors, Inc. Our well-trained, caring and reliable crew has years of experience installing affordable windows in the region, and we are dedicated to ensuring 100% satisfaction with each and every job. Our mission is to deliver a quality product at an affordable value and to provide our clients with a window repair or replacement experience that’s committed to detail and to superior customer service. Our goal as an exterior remodeling company is to make your home something we’re both proud of! Lately, many Aurora residents and business owners have called Apex Exteriors, Inc’s offices to look into replacing and repairing their windows.

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Aurora, Illinois , bears the nickname of “The City of Lights.” It’s the second most populous city in the State of Illinois, and the 112th largest city in the United States. As part of the Chicago metropolitan area, its population was recorded as 197,899 in the in 2010 census. Aurora is located within Kane, DuPage, Kendall, and Will Counties, and is located 35 miles west of Chicago. Aurora is the largest city in Kane County with about 100,000 of the city’s citizens residing in Kane County. The DuPage portion of Aurora contains about 60,000 residents, and Will and Kendall Counties account for only a few thousand of Aurora’s total population. The median income for a family in Aurora is $61,113. The median home value is priced at $235,888. According to recent statistics released in June, 2010, by CNN, Aurora is the fastest growing city in the United States. Recently, many of our Aurora residents have been contacting the offices at Apex Exteriors, Inc. to look into window replacement and repair services for their homes or businesses. With the rapid growth rate of Aurora, many people have been engaged in home-improvement projects and need an upgrade for their windows in their homes. In addition, a number of Aurora businesses have been updating their properties. They, too, are looking for ways to both enhance their offices with new and improved windows, as well as to conserve on their energy bills.

Throughout these past 30 years, Apex Exteriors, Inc. has been devoted to selling quality products, excellence in workmanship, and superior customer service. We have you completely covered in the window department. Whether it’s an old and worn-out window you want replaced, or you are looking to restore all the windows you already have, Apex Exteriors, Inc. is the right place to go for all your window replacement or installation needs. We carry a broad array of sophisticated windows that are offered at prices within your means. Apex Exteriors, Inc. is your go-to source for quality window replacement and repair work for your home or office. Furthermore, working with us means that you will also be helping the environment. The materials we use affect the energy efficiency, energy savings, durability, fit and finish of any windows you choose to install in your home. In addition, they will reduce street noise, increase the value of your home and save you energy while boosting your family’s comfort level. If you are seriously considering window replacement, repair or any kind of installation, call Apex Exteriors, Inc. today. It won’t be long before you realize that our ecologically friendly windows are helping preserve the good health of the planet as well as preserving the good health of your bank account!

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