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The cost to repair common roof problems and renovate roofs for a new look and better durability can quickly add up. We believe in combining a quality and trustworthy service with affordable pricing to ensure that you always have an expert to turn to for small and big roofing projects. Whether there’s a small leak that’s compromising the safety and comfort of your home or you’re ready for an aesthetic change to increase the curb appeal and value of your property, Apex Exteriors are ready to help you, if you have an idea in mind for a roof transformation, then allow us to bring it to life.

We have you covered with roof repair and replacement services in Elgin, IL for a wide selection of beautiful roofing types, including:

  • Tile Roofs
  • Roof Shingles
  • Cedar Roofs
  • Slate Roofs
  • Flat Roofs

Home Roof Repair, Replacement & Installation

Serving the Residents of Elgin IL

Most of Elgin, Illinois is located within Kane County. However, a portion of Elgin falls in Cook County. Elgin is found along the Fox River about 40 miles northwest of the Chicago Loop. Lately, the majority of Elgin homeowners have been restoring and renovating their homes. They are interested in preserving the quality of their life and the integrity of their homes and have sought the advice of Apex Exteriors, Inc. about roofing repairs and roof replacement.

As a homeowner, there are many costly responsibilities that can take a toll on your finances. From routine maintenance to extensive repairs, it’s important to find trustworthy providers who will help you keep costs down while offering top quality services. Apex Exteriors, Inc. knows that a leaking roof is one of the many headaches you may experience as a homeowner.

Prompt attention to even the tiniest of leaks makes it easier to avoid bigger leaks and bigger headaches down the road. Without attention, a leaky roof can lead to serious structural problems. Whether you’re in need of routine roofing care or major roofing repairs, Apex Exteriors, Inc. has the expertise to provide assistance and reasonable rates. Elgin area residents have relied upon Apex Exteriors, Inc. for all of their roofing needs for many years. With a track record of offering top-quality roofing services and roofing repairs prices, you can depend upon us when you’re in need of a new roof. To schedule an appointment for a free estimate, call us today.

Apex Exteriors, Inc. is in business to improve the lives of our customers by providing the highest quality of roofing products and workmanship while creating the best possible experience for them. We don’t just hire roofing contractors; we hire people of excellent moral character and mechanical aptitude and train them over a period of time in the techniques and procedures of our company and our trade. At Apex Exteriors, Inc. , you’ll find our roofing contractors to be courteous, clean, neat, and respectful of you and your property. Apex Exteriors, Inc. never forgets that you are the boss. They will do everything in their power to make your roof repair or roof replacement a pleasant experience.


A+ Rated Roofing Services in Elgin IL You Can Count On

We work in full compliance with OSHA safety regulations and we’re a Master Craftsman Accredited Business and members of the Better Business Bureau – who better to take care of problems with something as important as the roof on your home or business! Speak to a professional roofing contractor company in Elgin, IL by making the call to Apex Exteriors today and see how our highly trained roofing experts can assist you.


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Siding Services in Downers Grove IL - Siding Contractor Elgin IL

Siding Repair & Replacement in Elgin

Modern siding in good repair is one of the most beneficial investments to elevate the aesthetics of a property exterior. For commercial, industrial and residential buildings, repairing damaged siding and replacing old siding can increase property value, improve energy efficiency and greatly add to curb appeal. At Apex Exteriors, we make it easy to design the perfect property exterior. You can choose between a wonderful range of our replacement siding materials in Elgin IL, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Wood Shakes
  • Natural Cedar
  • Insulated Siding
  • Cement Board
  • Vinyl Composite

As well as installing new siding, our exterior experts can also address common siding problems. If your current siding has water stains, is peeling, the paint is flaking or there’s visible moisture damage, we can renew the appearance and restore structural integrity.
Make Apex Exteriors your first choice for a honest, reliable and experienced siding installation company in Elgin by contacting our master craftsmen today. You can also get in touch to speak to our team about engineered stone veneer installation in Elgin IL. Like siding, engineered stone veneer is a beautiful exterior addition that can make your property stand out.

Apex Exteriors, Inc. has been the siding contractor that Chicagoland homeowners turn to first when it comes to professionally replacing the siding on their homes. We have been replacing siding in the region for over 30 years. Apex Exteriors, Inc. offers a wide variety of siding colors, styles, and profiles that will complement any home exterior. Our siding installation experts have been specially trained to help you select the style and colors to complement your taste and budget. Looking for the right siding installation or siding replacement contractor can be overwhelming. It seems that every direction you look there are new “Home Improvement Experts” popping up who claim to know what is best for you. At Apex Exteriors, Inc. we are extremely proud of the fact that we have been serving families just like yours for a long time and are recognized as home improvement experts because we only use the best, top-of-the-line products, we have excellent customer service and the finest siding installation contractors who make it their job to keep up with all of the industry’s trends! The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. Remember, it is the exterior, especially your siding, which gives your visitors the first impression on how the interior is going to look. Our neighbors in Elgin know that Apex Exteriors, Inc. has built its company around quality craftsmanship, honesty and competitive pricing. They realize that the best value in siding installation is top notch quality 100% of the time; open communication with our customers from start to finish and paying an affordable price that is in line with the industry’s standards.

Elgin Siding Replacement

Elgin, Illinois is located about 40 miles northwest of downtown Chicago on the Fox River. Although most of Elgin is within Kane County, a portion of it is within Cook County. The city is known for its historic architecture and landmarks from the Victorian era, including some lovely examples of homes in the Queen Anne style.

The majority of Elgin homeowners are involved in trying to improve and increase the value of their homes. Recently, many of them have shown an interest in preserving the quality of their life and the integrity of their homes and have contacted the experts at Apex Exteriors, Inc. They see that we endeavor to be as knowledgeable as possible about all our siding products and siding installation and replacement services so that we can effectively be a complete residential general contractor. To our Elgin clientele, that means one company for their siding installation projects today and one company for their future projects.

Elgin Siding Repair

Repeat and referral business is paramount to Apex Exteriors, Inc.’s business model. We have an established record of superior results. There’s a reason Apex Exteriors, Inc.’s siding is the most popular choice for remodeling or new construction – even historic renovation. It’s because our siding delivers the warm, quality appearance of wood without the costly, time-consuming maintenance and repairs. Our replacement siding won’t split, peel or rot. And, it never needs to be scraped, stained or painted. Apex Exteriors, Inc.’s siding is manufactured with proprietary designs and ingredients to deliver greater durability, rigidity and wind resistance. Its more attractive, fade-resistant colors and more authentic touches and historical details are exactly what our customers want. Maintenance? All you need is a garden hose to keep your siding looking great for years to come. Whether you require exceptional appearance and the highest level of quality and performance, or you’re looking for value without compromise, there’s an Apex Exteriors, Inc. siding system within our extensive selection to meet your needs perfectly! Remember, all home improvement companies and products ARE NOT the same!

Let us show you why Apex Exteriors, Inc. has been the right choice for siding in Chicagoland for over 30 years. Give us a call today.


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Apex Exterior Renovations – Serving Elgin IL with Excellence for Over 30 Years

If the time has come to revitalize your property exterior with professional maintenance, expert repairs or top-quality replacement services, the skilled technicians and design experts at Apex Exteriors are waiting for your call. We specialize in affordable, professional repair and replacement services for commercial and residential property exteriors in the Chicagoland region. As a licensed, bonded and insured exterior restoration company with more than 30 years of experience helping the residents of Elgin transform their homes and businesses, we’re the team you can rely on to protect and improve your property exterior.

Our range of professional exterior services in Elgin, Illinois, include:

  • Siding Repair, Replacement & Installation
  • Roofing Repair, Replacements & NEW Installations
  • Chicagoland Energy Efficient Exterior Window Installation
  • Installation of Engineered Stone Veneer Veneer Exteriors
  • Residential & Commercial Door Installation
  • Gutter Maintenance & Repair

You can count on Apex Exteriors to support all your exterior design goals. We’ll help to give visitors the best first impression of your property, as well as ensure that your roof, siding, gutters and other key elements of your property exterior are in an excellent state of repair.


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Gutter Services in Elgin IL - Chicago

Gutter Maintenance & Gutter Replacement Services in Elgin

Apex Exteriors have decades of experience in a wide range of exterior services in Elgin IL, including gutter maintenance and replacement. We understand the importance of keeping gutters in tip top condition to reduce the risk of water damage and keep Elgin properties looking beautiful. A number of serious problems can affect the performance and integrity of residential and commercial gutters. We strive to offer a comprehensive gutter maintenance and replacement service in Elgin IL, to overcome problems such as:

  • Gutter Damage
  • Holes and Leaks
  • Inadequate Drainage
  • Sagging and Pitch Issues
  • Clogged Gutters
  • Gutter Misalignment

As well as services like downspout installation and pitch correction, we can also modernize guttering and water management with leaf protection systems and rain barrel installation in Elgin IL. Our environmentally friendly rain barrels will save you money throughout the year by giving you a reliable source of free water!
If you’re concerned about any problems with your gutters or want to know more about your options to improve drainage, get in touch with us today.


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Top-Rated Exterior Window Replacement & Installation Services in Elgin, IL

The team at Apex Exteriors are true home improvement experts. We’ll help you to maximize your window investment in Elgin with beautiful options for customized vinyl and wood window replacements. With our attention to detail and competitive pricing, you’re guaranteed a true home transformation within your budget. Quality products and excellent customer service are top priorities at Apex Exteriors. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our windows from top brands, such as:

  • Simonton Windows
  • Marvin Windows
  • Anderson Windows
  • Pella Windows

You have the ultimate flexibility to design your dream windows at Apex Exteriors. We’re here to help you find the best fit for your property, whether you’re seeking the ease of low-maintenance windows, energy-efficient frames and glazing or beautiful, elegant and traditional replacement windows. For our clients who need window replacements or repairs, we will commit to finishing your window project within your budget and your time constraints. Furthermore, we promise to give you the finest and most current technology for a reasonable price. We offer energy efficient window products that are easy to operate and help reduce our carbon footprint. Of late many Elgin, IL residential homeowners have contacted Apex Exteriors, Inc’s about our window repair, window replacement and window installation.

Top Residential Window Replacement Options to Choose From

The majority of Elgin homeowners are constantly trying to improve and increase the value of their homes. Lately, many of them have shown an interest in preserving the quality of their life and the integrity of their homes and have begun restoration projects. A number of local business owners have also been engaging in upgrading their businesses. They have contacted the experts at Apex Exteriors, Inc. about our window repairs, window replacement and window installation.

Apex Exteriors, Inc’s broad selection of attractive, superior-quality windows is accessible for reasonable prices. When you replace your old worn-out windows with new, energy efficient ones, it won’t be long before your discover a dramatic reduction in your heating costs. Studies show that replacement windows can decrease your utility bills by up to 15%. Apex Exteriors, Inc. has the kind of superior and classically-styled windows that merge energy savings with enduring design and effortless maintenance. Your new windows will not only augment the attractiveness or your home as well as its value, but the money you save in heating and cooling will make your replacement windows a wise investment. Since not all replacement windows are the same, you need to check with the experts, Call us today.

Contact the Experts at Apex Exteriors & Roofing Services – Elgin, IL

Apex Exteriors, Inc. the premier exterior service company specializing in residential exterior restoration & roofing in Elgin, IL. Our highly trained technicians are licensed, fully insured, and bonded, and they always follow OSHA’s safety regulations. Before we even get started, we make a precise assessment of your needs. After that, we recommend the best solutions. You can depend upon Apex Exteriors, Inc. to walk you through every aspect of your project; analyzing the problem and recommending the best resolutions to your problems, contact Apex Exteriors, serving the Northern Illinois, Chicagoland and Madison, Wisconsin regions with excellence for over 30 years.

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