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Are you struggling to create a property exterior that fills you with pride? Is the professionalism of your business being let down by an exterior that doesn’t match your goals or brand? For the homeowners and business owners in Barrington IL who feel that their property exteriors have so much more to give, Apex Exteriors is on hand to help. From standard maintenance and repairs to transformational renovations that bring your property exterior dreams to life, we provide all the exterior services you could ever need! Our main exterior services in Barrington IL, include:

  • ✓ Residential & Commercial Door Installation
  • ✓ Engineered Stone Veneer
  • ✓ Siding Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Exterior Window Replacement
  • ✓ Roofing Repair & Installation
  • ✓ Gutter Maintenance & Repair

Apex Exteriors has been working alongside the residents of Barrington and the wider Chicagoland area for more than three decades. We provide a reputable, reliable, and quality service for all sizes, styles, and ages of property exterior in Northern Illinois. Our craftsmen are here to help you create a property exterior that you can be proud of by providing fair prices, quality products, and expert workmanship from the smallest detail to the biggest!

Barrington IL Roofing Services

You should never ignore problems with your roof! If you’re concerned about any part of your roof, then it’s time to give Apex Exteriors a call. Expert knowledge, years of experience, and excellent service is a guarantee when you call Apex Exteriors for:

  • ✓ Roof Inspections
  • ✓ Roof Repair
  • ✓ Roof Replacement

We understand that restoring a roof can be an expensive project, so at Apex Exteriors, we do everything we can to minimize the costs. Our professional roof inspections will give you a clearer idea of the health of your roof and where small problems can be repaired now to prevent larger repairs down the line.
For larger problems, our expert roofers will strive to find the best and most cost-effective solution to restore your roof to new. It’s our job to make sure that your roof is safe, secure, and beautiful – and we’re very good at our job!

When there’s no choice but to replace all or part of a roof, you can rely on the Apex Exteriors team to complete the job quickly and efficiently, for the best results within your budget.
We take roofing seriously at Apex Exteriors, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any concerns about the health of your roof or to discuss your options for roofing transformation.

Residential & Commercial Roofing Services in Barrington IL

Roof damage is a very common problem, but it doesn’t need to have a lasting impact on your home or business! Our commercial and residential roofing services in Barrington IL are here to put your mind at ease over any problem with your roof, from standard wear and tear to serious storm damage.
At Apex Exteriors, we repair and replace:

  • ✓ Cedar Roofs
  • ✓ Flat Roofs
  • ✓ Roof Shingles
  • ✓ Slate Roofs
  • ✓ Tile Roofs

As an A-Rated Better Business Bureau business, that’s licensed, insured, bonded, and Master Craftsmen Accredited, we’re the ideal choice for reliable commercial and residential roofing services in Barrington IL.

Gutter Maintenance & Gutter Replacement Services

Gutters have one very simple job to do: keep water away from your home. When your guttering system is doing its job correctly, your property should stay safe from water damage; when your guttering system isn’t doing its job correctly, your property’s structural integrity is at serious risk.
Here at Apex Exteriors, we provide a full gutter maintenance and replacement service in Barrington IL to keep your gutters in excellent condition and repair any problems before disaster can strike. There’s a lot that can go wrong with guttering that our maintenance and replacement service can correct and prevent, such as:

  • – Improper pitch
  • – Poor drainage
  • – Clogging
  • – Sagging
  • – Leaking
  • – Holes
  • – Separation

From installing guttering on your property for the first time, to completely redesigning your system to better handle the seasonal Chicago downpours, we have all your guttering requirements taken care of. You can even get in touch with the Apex Exteriors team to install rain barrels in Barrington IL. A rain barrel is the ultimate gutter upgrade for reducing water consumption and saving money on your water bills!


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Siding Repair & Replacement in Barrington IL

High-quality siding installation in Barrington IL is one of the easiest and fastest ways to revitalize the exterior of your property. At Apex Exteriors, we can install your choice of beautiful new siding or restore your existing siding, so it looks like new. With our professional siding repair services, you can say goodbye to problems like rot, mold, water stains, flaking paint and uneven boards. Beautiful siding installed or repaired by the Apex Exteriors team can increase curb appeal, boost property value, improve energy efficiency, and lower exterior maintenance!
Whether you’re dreaming of a modern exterior or a traditional aesthetic, our fantastic range of siding solutions are more than up to the job of transforming your home. Our options for siding replacement in Barrington IL, include:

  • ✓ Aluminum
  • ✓ Cement Board
  • ✓ Insulated Siding
  • ✓ Natural Cedar
  • ✓ Vinyl Composite
  • ✓ Wood Shakes

We also provide transformational engineered stone veneer installation in Barrington IL. Engineered stone veneer provides a beautiful and unique aesthetic that’s perfect for traditional and modern properties alike.


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Exterior Window Replacement Services in Barrington IL

Don’t let shabby or outdated windows bring down your property exterior! Modern windows can be one of the most defining features of your home or business, especially when Apex Exteriors take care of the installation. We provide an incredible range of wood and vinyl windows from:

✓ Simonton Windows
✓ Pella Windows
✓ Marvin Windows
✓ Anderson Windows

Recently, a number of Barrington residents have been investing in Apex Exteriors, Inc’s window repair, window replacement and window installation services.With our wide selection of leading brand windows, you’ll have complete freedom to choose the best window design to complement your property exterior and enhance the interior. Modern windows boost property value, improve security, increase energy efficiency, and keep your home quieter – a truly beneficial exterior upgrade! When you choose Apex Exteriors for exterior window replacements in Barrington IL, you can expect our skilled installers to achieve stunning results on time.

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