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Have you noticed algae growth, buckling, blisters, curly, damaged flashing, missing shingles, rotting or leaks with your roof? If so, it is time to contact the roofing specialists at Apex Exteriors, Inc. to schedule them for roof repair or roof replacement. We are Chicagoland’s premiere roofing professionals and we provide expert roofing solutions at prices you’ll love! There are a number of factors to mull over when selecting a new roof for your home, and Apex Exteriors, Inc’s certified workforce is on hand to cater to all your needs. We endeavor to please each and every one of our homeowners. Excellence is not something that we strive for; it is something we insist upon! Whether your roof is steep or low-pitched, Apex Exteriors, Inc. will help you find the right shingles for your home, from traditional asphalt shingles to designer architectural shingles, such as laminated dimensional shingles, you can rely upon us to get you covered! From the moment our roofing contractors step foot on your property, special care is provided to your property. Your residential grounds are covered with tarps for tear-off purposes and to minimize debris. Apex Exteriors, Inc. magnetically sweeps all areas around your home to pick up fallen nails; ventilation systems and all plumbing and exhaust fixtures are checked, and some carpentry problems are also corrected. Going that extra mile is what we are all about! It’s no wonder St. Charles residents choose us over the competition. They know that regardless of their budget, Apex Exteriors, Inc. has the right roofing solutions for affordable prices!

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Downtown St. Charles, Illinois was named by the Chicago Tribune as one of the region’s “Top Ten Places” for fine dining, arts, entertainment, recreational opportunities and unique shopping. U.S. News also named it as one of the “Best Places to Retire.” St. Charles is a quaint community nestled along the scenic Fox River in Kane and DuPage Counties. St. Charles’ official slogan is “Pride of the Fox.” There are more than 30,000 residents in St. Charles with slightly more than 10,000 households. St. Charles has a median household income of nearly $80,000 and a median home value in excess of $400,000. Many St. Charles homeowners have been involved in home restoration and renovation. They have sought out the professional advice and expertise of the roofing experts at Apex Exteriors, Inc. They understand they can always depend upon us to deliver exceptional services. All of our roofing contractors are fully certified, background checked, and drug-tested before they step foot on your property. Apex Exteriors, Inc. is licensed, fully insured, and bonded. Furthermore, if necessary, we will pull permits, and we always follow OSHA’s safety regulations.

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From materials to safety, at Apex Exteriors, Inc. , you’re guaranteed the best services and support. You definitely need a trusted consultant who has extensive roofing industry knowledge and experience in order to perform a systematic roof analysis so you can make an educated decision that is the best for you and one that is based upon the facts. Apex Exteriors, Inc. gives you with all the objective details that will permit you to decide upon the right roof system to fit your home and your budget. Our honesty, straightforward pricing and our stress-free salesmanship approach all go a long way to satisfying our customers. Furthermore we install only the highest quality of materials. If you are in the market for roof replacement or roofing repair, or to learn more about all of Apex Exteriors, Inc’s roofing services, call us today!


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Hard work. Attention to detail. Integrity. And, the sense of pride you get when you’ve done a good job. That’s the foundation upon which Apex Exteriors, Inc. has built its reputation. As the top exterior home improvement business in the Chicagoland area, we began operations over 30 years ago based upon the idea of providing high-quality building materials, with an industry- trained staff and a showroom which caters to homeowners. Apex Exteriors, Inc. knows that few home improvements or repairs can improve the appearance, curb appeal and value of your home like siding can. Nothing like siding replacement beautifies a home and increases its visual attractiveness more than any other exterior home improvement product. Not only that, siding installation can reduce a home’s energy consumption by as much as 35%. As energy costs continue to soar, it is more important than ever to make a home as energy efficient as possible. This is why choosing to cover your home with siding is such a great idea.Apex Exteriors, Inc. is staffed by knowledgeable professionals who let you compare well-known brands to help you select the best product for your price range and taste. Our siding replacement also has many features that provide St. Charles families with the ability to customize the look of their homes. Some of the most notable ones are the various color options and patterns that are available. These two features can be used by St. Charles homeowners in any combination to create modern, contemporary or even historical themes.

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St. Charles, Illinois is a charming suburb of Chicago tucked away in Kane and DuPage Counties along the picturesque Fox River. Its official slogan is “Pride of the Fox,” and it is known as the “Water Capital of the World.” The Chicago Tribune named St. Charles as one of the region’s “Top Ten Places” for fine dining, arts, entertainment, recreational opportunities and unique shopping. There are nearly 40,000 residents living in St. Charles with a little more than 12,000 households. Its median household income is about $100,000 and its median home value is more than $400,000. U.S. News named it as one of the “Best Places to Retire.” It’s understandable why so many St. Charles homeowners have recently been engaged in updating their homes with the help of Apex Exteriors, Inc.’s services. They are interested in doing business with a company they can trust to be honest and straightforward. That’s why they have chosen Apex Exteriors, Inc. Investing in siding replacement can often be a little overwhelming, particularly if you’ve never done it before. That’s when you are going to want to place your siding installation concerns in the hands of our experienced consultants.

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When the question of choosing the right type of siding is concerned, Apex Exteriors, Inc. can help you select the most suitable siding from a wide choice of colors, materials, and different textures. The beauty and specialty of most types of house siding replacements are that these products are manufactured with certain specifications which may be suitable for any architectural style. It is up to the discretion of you, the homeowner, to select the appropriate siding replacement in order to emphasize the true character of your home. This selection of siding replacement will undoubtedly be based upon your own set of aesthetic perspectives that allows for the siding that will best complement and harmonize with the external elements of your home. Apex Exteriors, Inc. believes that the type of siding replacement you select to use for your home should be meticulously chosen so that it highlights your home’s character and design and becomes an integral part of the look and beautification of the home itself. Whenever the use of siding replacement is concerned, it should be used thoughtfully and with commonsense for optimum benefits. If you are ready to embark on a siding installation project, stop in at Apex Exteriors, Inc. today. We carry the finest selection of siding in the Chicago region at affordable prices. In addition, our representatives will walk you through each step of the siding installation process so that there are no surprises.


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Apex Exteriors, Inc. is an exterior service company that has been specializing in residential restoration for over 30 years throughout the Northern Illinois, Chicagoland and Madison, Wisconsin regions. Our area of concentration focuses on roofing, gutters, soffit and fascia, siding, windows, doors and cultured stone. Our highly skilled staff of experts always keeps your satisfaction and needs in mind. You can expect the best results and greatest expertise from Apex Exteriors, Inc’s crews, because they are fully certified, background checked, and drug-tested before they are ever placed on a job. Once you have retained Apex Exteriors, Inc. , you will never want to trust anyone else with your projects. For customers who are particularly interested in windows, we are committed to delivering the best window products and services at reasonable and economical prices in a timely and considerate manner. Our approach to working in your home is performed as though we were working in our own home! In addition, you can rely upon Apex Exteriors, Inc. to complete your window project within the guidelines of your budget and your established time frame. We will also get the job done right the first time! Our replacement windows are beautifully crafted, energy efficient, low maintenance and easy to operate. Furthermore, respect for the environment is a top corporate initiative at Apex Exteriors, Inc. It is part of who we are. We are an environmentally responsible business of the global community, and we are dedicated to environmental stewardship. Your replacement windows will be attractively-designed, energy efficient, low maintenance and easy to operate. You can count on us to have the best window replacement solution for you and your budget. Lately, quite a few homeowners and business owners in St. Charles have called our offices about our services in: window repair, window replacement and window installation.

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St. Charles, Illinois is a picturesque suburb of Chicago tucked away in Kane and DuPage Counties along the scenic Fox River. St. Charles’ official slogan is “Pride of the Fox,” and it is known as the “Water Capital of the World.” Downtown St. Charles was named by the Chicago Tribune as one of the region’s “Top Ten Places” for fine dining, arts, entertainment, recreational opportunities and unique shopping. There are 32,134 people living in St. Charles with approximately 10,351 households. It has a median household income of $75,181 and a median home value of $405,280. U.S. News named it as one of the “Best Places to Retire.” It is easy to understand why many of the residents of St. Charles have been recently renovating and restoring their homes and upgrading their businesses with the help of Apex Exteriors, Inc’sservices. A number of St. Charles homeowners and business owners are in need of our services for window repair, window restoration or window installation. They are interested in doing business with a company they can trust to be honest and straightforward. That’s why they have chosen Apex Exteriors, Inc. Whether you have your own window specifications, or you are looking for our expert advice on window repair, renovation or installation, you can rest assured; everything will be done to your satisfaction. We’re not a “jack of all trades,” run-of-the-mill place, but Apex Exteriors, Inc’s is a Master Craftsman Accredited Business.

Whether it’s a modern or traditional style you have in mind for your windows, Apex Exteriors, Inc. is the right place to go for all your window replacement or installation needs. Our vast choice of lovely, high-quality windows are available at affordable prices. We are also a Pro Energy Star organization and a “green” company that brings only the most ground-breaking, ecologically savvy products to our customers. That’s why working with Apex Exteriors, Inc. means that you will be helping the environment too. You can depend upon our window products to be well-crafted and energy-efficient! Our team of highly trained experts are on hand to aid you in selecting the replacement windows which will enhance your home or businesses exterior and augment your view both inside and out. Apex Exteriors, Inc.provides reliable service and professional attention to all your window projects, no matter how large or how small. You can rely upon us to have a service representative at your home or place of business within a 24 hour period. Just pick up the phone and call Apex Exteriors, Inc. for any window replacement or installation project you have.

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