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Your property exterior is the first impression that you give of your home. A beautiful exterior creates a warm, welcoming, and highly appealing property. This is something that siding is well-known for achieving. Available in a vast range of colors, styles, and textures, modern siding delivers a wow factor that can truly elevate a properly.

However, siding that has been exposed to the weather for too long without repair, that has been damaged, or that is starting to flake and peal, delivers the opposite. Worn siding can leave even the most stunning of homes feeling drab and unloved. A property with exterior wall cladding that has seen better days, is often more of a burden than a finish that can deliver the wow factor.

Having to repaint, stain, and scrape down the sidings on your property, can feel like a never-ending task. Needing to put such extensive effort into maintaining that beautiful look, at the first sign of bad weather, can be enough to put you off siding once and for all – despite the unique appeal it can give to your home.

Thankfully, there is an answer to sidings that are not living up to their potential. Through siding repair and replacement, you can revitalize the look of your home, and give it back that easy to care for curb appeal that it once had.

Whether you need siding repairs or a full siding replacement, the time to act is now! If your siding feels more like a nightmare than a dream, Apex Exteriors are here to help.

Apex Exteriors specializes in various types of siding:

Many homeowners aren’t aware of the wide selection of sidings available for use in their homes. From complete siding tear-offs to covering an existing one, Apex Exteriors will make sure you have get the best siding service possible.

As the most reliable replacement siding installation contractor, we will help you choose the perfect siding style, color, and texture for your home. We can also replace your soffit and fascia with high quality aluminum siding to boost your home’s curb appeal. Let our team of professional siding installers know what you need, and we’ll do the rest.

The Benefits of Repaired Siding

By repairing your siding, you put back in place that crucial defense against the elements; safeguarding your home and helping to create a wonderful environment inside your property. A freshly repaired siding will deliver five crucial, and very noticeable, benefits, that will last for years to come:

Enjoy Lowered Maintenance

The first benefit, lowered maintenance, is the reason why so many people seek to get their siding repaired in the first place. Damaged siding can be an absolute nightmare to maintain. As the effects of the weather begin to stack up, that once beautiful siding starts to discolor, and the stunning finish begins to flake away; what’s left, is a constant chore. With brand-new siding, you start fresh with a high-quality product that can fight back against the elements. No longer will bad weather mean yet another coat of paint is needed after hours spent scraping away flaked paint. Repaired siding offers the convenience of low maintenance care.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Everyone wants their home to look great, for their own benefit and to deliver the best first impressions possible. It’s no secret that damaged siding is not an attractive finish on a property and is unlikely to be what you want your home to look like. The difference that repaired or replaced siding can make is truly impressive, able to completely transform the appearance of any style of property. While siding may be an essential defense against weather-damage, it also provides one of the most eye-catching property finishes.

Add Value to Your Property

You can’t talk about curb appeal without looking at property value. The exterior of your home is incredibly important when it comes to attracting buyers, but then also retaining them. When you’re trying to sell your property, there are few better places to start with a make-over than the outside of your home. Every buyer wants to feel wowed by a property, and that’s certainly something that siding can deliver when it is in good condition.

Upgrade the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

For the comfort of the interior of your home, and your property’s energy efficiency rating, the condition of your siding is of the upmost importance. The siding creates an additional barrier on the exterior of your property, helping to keep your home warmer by providing extra insulation. By choosing insulated siding to replace your existing siding, you can help to reduce the energy that you expend when heating your property. Removing existing siding is also the perfect time to have additional insulation installed in your property.

Improve Structural Security

Siding can hide many property defects, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Siding that has been attached to the exterior of a property for many years, may be hiding serious structural problems. This could especially be the case if the siding has been damaged or worn away and has been unable to protect the walls as it should.  Repairing your siding is not only a great way to improve the look of your home, but also assess any damage underneath and get important repairs done.

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