The roof can be the hardest part of a house to judge if it has reached the end of its life or not because it might not be obvious. Roofs can become obsolete and in need of repair even without a roof failure. However, the danger in delaying an old roof repair just because it “looks okay” is that bigger (and more expensive) problems down the road become more likely. Apex Exteriors has many different tips for how to recognize an aging and roof in need of repair.

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  • Bald spots.

Bald spots on the roof indicate that something took out sections of the roof. It is important to ensure that those storms did not compromise the structural integrity of the roof.

  • Shingle edges are chipped, cupped, or cracked.

This might indicate that your shingles need to be replaced as a whole. Shingles are quite durable but can still become obsolete.

  • 20-year mark.

In general, it is advisable to get your roof checked every 20 years. Many factors can affect the roof’s wellbeing and you might not be completely aware of them.

  • Nearby houses.

If your neighbors have all gotten new roofs and your home was built in the same era as them, this might be a sign that it is time to consult a roof specialist. Your house probably received the same weather as your neighbors so it should be in a similar condition.

  • Streaks, moss, and other abnormal growth.

Moss and algae growth can severely damage a roof’s integrity if not addressed early on. They can especially damage shingles. You can try to hose it off if you catch it in open spots but you should consult a roofing professional otherwise.

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