As they say, we only need food, water, and a roof over our heads to survive. But as roofers in Northbrook and Naperville know, keeping a good roof over your head takes work and regular repair. If you haven’t experienced any major leaks in your home, then the condition of your roof probably hasn’t even crossed your mind. It’s easy to see when your home’s siding and windows need repair, but you’re a lot less likely to climb up on the roof on a regular basis. Use these signs to help you decide if your roof needs repair and if it’s time to call your local roofers.


Even if you haven’t noticed leaks in your home, it might be worth it to climb up in the attic and check around for water damage. You should never ignore any leaks, as water damage can lead to hazardous mold growth. Call the roofers in your community to have them inspect the roof and assess the damage.

Peeling Paint or Stains

Sometimes, leaks don’t develop in your home’s roof, but rather in the walls. If you’ve noticed peeling paint and/or stains developing on any walls in your home, especially near the top of the wall, then call your local Northbrook roofers.

Missing Shingles

Most people don’t climb up on their roofs, but it’s probably worth it to check your roof shingles a few times a year. The next time you are up on the roof, take a few minutes to look for missing shingles which can quickly lead to a serious roofing issue. Most importantly, if you’re not comfortable climbing on the roof, then do not attempt this on your own.

Looking for a great roofing company in Chicagoland? Apex Exteriors is your answer! Our roofers are highly experienced and will get the job done right. In addition to helping with roofing, our experts can also can help install and repair windows and siding for your home. Let our roofers know how we can help you and your home today.

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