Summer storms, constant sunshine and blooming plants can cause a lot of damage to roofs and ceilings. To prevent and avoid a serious roofing problem, check out these tips for maintaining your roof in the summer months.

Inspect Your Roof

Before the summer starts, take a look at your roof for any damage that may have occurred during the winter and spring. Fix any loose or damaged shingles. Remove moss that may have grown on your roof. Check around vents and skylights to make sure that your roof is completely and properly sealed. Take a look at your ceiling as well for any odd marks or stains that may be a sign of water damage or a leak.

Clean Your Gutters

Make sure your rain gutters are tight against the house and angled properly to get rainwater away from the house. Clean out any debris, including rocks, leaves and flowers. When you look for leaks in the ceiling, check your gutters, as well. In the winter, ice and snow can break and crack gutters, making your home more susceptible to water damage.

Trim Plants and Trees

Wind and heavy rains can cause trees and plants to break and throw them into your roof. Trim any heavy or large branches that hang low over your roof. You may also want to talk to a professional about any trees that may be unstable or come uprooted during a big storm.

Use Caution

When walking on the roof in the summer, be careful of extremely hot tiles. The heat from sun can also cause the shingles to become soft or loose, and old roofs may become brittle. Avoid pressure washing your roof, which can weaken and loosen the shingles. If you do have to go on the roof, try to go early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the heat of the day.

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